“If I’m guilty of anything, it’s that I’ve been a great president and the Democrats don’t like it,” President Donald Trump told reporters Friday after questions related to the Mueller report.

Before leaving for the White House the president spoke to reporters at the NRA convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“Will you let Don McGahn testify?” one reporter asked. “Did Don McGahn lie to Mueller?”

President Trump answered, “There has never been a president that’s been more transparent than me or the Trump administration. I let White House counsel McGahn testify. I let everybody testify.” He estimated McGahn’s testimony at 30 hours. “Obviously, McGahn thought he testified fine because he was with the administration for a long time after that,” he went on.

He referred to Robert Mueller’ s special advisor report on Russian intervention in the 2016 election, which confirmed that the Trump campaign did not coincide with Russians and even rejected proposals outside the country.

“We get the ruling, which I knew we were going to get because I have nothing to do with Russia and the campaign. So we get a ruling: no collusion,” Trump said to the reporters. “We essentially get a ruling — no obstruction — based on the fact our great attorney general made an immediate decision there was no obstruction.”

“We gave 1.4 million documents, if you can believe such a ridiculous thing. Five hundred people testified. We had 18 people that were Trump haters. That includes Mr. Mueller; he was a Trump hater,” the president said.

“With all of this — with all of this transparency, we finished ‘no collusion, no obstruction.’ Right? Then I get out. The first day, they’re saying, ‘Let’s do it again.’ And I said, ‘That’s enough.’ We got to — we have to run a country. We have a very great country to run,” the president resolved.

“Frankly, when I go through it with the House and the Senate and we have no collusion, no collusion, no obstruction, no obstruction. Then we have — again we have to go through it?” he asked. “This is a pure political witch hunt.”

“We did nothing wrong. And the only thing I did is make our country stronger, give it the numbers like people haven’t seen before,” he advanced. “What we’re doing in this country, financially, with the military, with our veterans — if you look at veterans, we now have Veterans Choice. Nobody has ever done what I’ve done in their first two years.”

“So if I’m guilty of anything, it’s that I’ve been a great president, and the Democrats don’t like it, which is a shame,” President Trump said, concluding his answers to the press.

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