Conservative radio host of “Life, Liberty &Levin” Mark Levin lambasted House Democrats on Thursday evening, Oct. 24, over their rapidly advancing push for impeaching President Donald Trump, and criticized Democratic lawmakers for treating the president “worse than a terrorist or mass murderer” amid the inquiry that has been proceeding largely behind closed doors.

“So, Nixon and Clinton got treated fairly,” Levin said during an appearance on Fox’s show “Hannity.” “Trump gets treated worse than a terrorist or mass murderer.”

The radio host pointed out how the so-called impeachment inquiry is being used as ammo by Democrats to divert public attention from the largely unfair process.

“The media say, ‘Well, it’s just Trump trying to draw attention away from the substance of the issues to the process,’” Levin said. “The process is about you and your right to know about so-called whistleblowers, and for you to draw conclusions about the knowledge they have or they claim they have, about their credibility or lack thereof. Right now we’re being spun; we’re being spun by their lawyers; we’re being spun by Capitol Hill; we’re being spun by the media.”

“It’s not an official House impeachment inquiry,” Levin explained. “It’s a Democrat Party hijacking of impeachment and the House of Representatives railroading a president who is not even able to defend himself, to look at the evidence, to question the witnesses.”

Levin speculated that Democrats have seized impeachment as an opportunity to disrupt Trump’s re-election in the 2020 race for president.

“I hear some of these legal…analysts out there going on and on about that’s the next state. No, I’m afraid not. You didn’t have an official vote on an impeachment hearing,” Levin said. “This entire thing is the Democrat Party in the House seizing control of the instrumentalities of the House bastardizing the impeachment clause in order to drive a trial into the general election.”

Referring to the July 25 call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy where Trump allegedly withheld aid to Ukraine to pressure an investigation on political rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter, Levin said there was no scandal to be seen.

“While [Trump’s] been president there hasn’t even been a hint of scandal. Not a hint,” Levin said in a tweet.

Trump himself denied of any wrongdoing and said that the call was “very, very good”; Zelenskiy too said that there was “no blackmail” and the purpose of the call was simply to arrange a meeting with Trump.

The radio host also took a jab at Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) for causing unnecessary commotion by sensationalizing testimonies from individuals largely unknown to the public and the Republicans.

“We have testimony from William Taylor, who the Hell is William Taylor,” Levin said. “All of a sudden he’s the great William Taylor, because Adam Schiff has anointed him such.”

Levin pointed out Pelosi and her caucus are leaving the American people and GOP lawmakers out of the picture when it comes to the specifics of the process, Fox News reports.

“They’re keeping the American people out of the process, they’re keeping the president of the United States out of the process and keeping the Republicans out of most of the process,” Levin said earlier this month on “The Mark Levin Show” on Westwood One.

Levin predicted that should House Speaker Nancy Pelosi later decide to hold a vote to formalize an impeachment inquiry, it will have been a “sham” due to the fact that by then, they would have already had ample time to proceed with their current investigation in dark for several weeks.

“Near the end, they’re going to have a vote in order to put a label on it, and say, ‘See that? The House voted for an impeachment inquiry,’ and then try to pull in everything they’ve already done under that nomenclature,” Levin added.