President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign has used the new highs recorded on the U.S. stock market to assail the Democrats’s first public hearing on Wednesday, Nov. 13, where the star witnesses showed they relied on hearsay for their testimony, giving advantage to President Trump.

The “Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a NEW all-time high today! This is what Democrats want to impeach?” the campaign tweeted.

Two of the three key indexes hit record highs on Wednesday, with Dow Jones Industrial Average rising 0.33% to 27,783.59, and the S&P 500 closing up 0.07% to 3,093.97, Reuters data showed.

The U.S. stock market has hit a series of new milestones since President Trump took office thanks to his pro-economic agenda.

In a tweet on early Thursday, President Trump also lauded the market, saying it reached a “record again yesterday, the 20th time this year,” and expected “GREAT potential for the future.”

In another reaction to the open hearing, the Trump campaign on Wednesday also released a statement to criticize the Democrats, accusing their witnesses of using “thirdhand hearsay from one side of a different phone call in a restaurant” and “formed opinions” from biased stories of The New York Times.

“The entire world can read the transcript of President Trump’s conversation with [Ukrainian] President Zelensky, so people don’t need to rely on third-party opinions when they can see the facts for themselves,” said Campaign Manager Brad Parscale.

“Despite that, today we heard from Democrats’ hand-picked star witnesses, who together were not on the Ukraine phone call, did not speak directly to President Trump, got third-hand hearsay from one side of a different phone call in a restaurant, and formed opinions based on stories in pages of The New York Times,” Parscale wrote.

“We hate to break it to these unelected, career government bureaucrats who think they know best: The president of the United States sets foreign policy, not them. And disagreement on policy is not an impeachable offense,” the campaign manager continued.

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