President Donald Trump has hit back at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) after she criticized him for not having taken the CCP Virus crisis seriously enough from day one.

“It’s a sad thing,” President Trump said in an interview with “Fox & Friends”on Monday morning, March 30, after he was asked about the speaker’s criticism a day earlier.

“She’s a sick puppy, in my opinion. She’s got a lot of problems,” he said.

During her interview with CNN on Sunday, Speaker Pelosi accused President Trump of downplaying the CCP Virus pandemic in a way that cost American lives, saying, “The president, his denial at the beginning, was deadly.”

“His delaying of getting equipment to where—it continues—his delay in getting equipment to where it’s needed is deadly. And now I think the best thing would be to do is to prevent more loss of life, rather than open things up,” Pelosi said, adding, “This is such a tragedy.”

Trump responded on Monday that Pelosi had ignored his initial decision to restrict air travel from China in January, saying not doing so would have resulted in deaths like never seen before.

“We’re doing a lot of things and we don’t want to [ease restrictions] too soon,” Trump said.

The president, who on Sunday extended his administration’s social-distancing guidelines through April 30, expects the virus pandemic to peak around Easter.

“We think April 30 is a day where we can see some real progress. And we expect to see that, short of June 1, we think the death, it’s a terrible thing to say, will be brought to a very low number,” he said.

The president made clear that he is no longer considering the possibility of reopening shuttered businesses and easing restrictions generally by Easter, saying that the guidance he received from top health officials was that 1.6-2.2 million people could have died without restrictions.

Trump continued, “We’re at war, this is war.”