President Donald Trump stepped up attacks on Joe Biden, on Tuesday, Sept. 8, calling his Democratic rival “a globalist sellout” laying waste to American communities. He also sought to blame the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for spreading the CCP Virus “on purpose” while he was sailing to an easy election. 

At his outdoor campaign rally in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the president accused Biden of long supporting trade policies that led to the offshoring of domestic jobs, Reuters reported.

“If Biden wins, China [the CCP] wins. It’s as simple as that,” Trump said. He added, “Joe Biden’s agenda is made in China, my agenda is made in the USA.”

“Biden is a globalist sellout who spent his career laying waste to American communities,” the president added.

President Trump has repeatedly lashed out at the CCP for ripping off the United States and has recently threatened to decouple the U.S. economy from the CCP, especially after the Wuhan-originated CCP Virus pandemic struck the world’s largest economy, forcing the Trump administration to shift its focus to fight the pandemic.

At Tuesday’s rally, President Trump said that he was sailing to an easy re-election before his campaign was hit by the virus pandemic, questioning if the CCP allowed the virus to spread “on purpose.”

“How are we doing with China [the CCP]? We just have the plague. We’ve had other plagues sent by them. I wonder if they did it on purpose. What do you think?” President Trump asked a crowd of supporters in North Carolina.

“I was sailing to an easy election. This was going to be so easy,” the president continued. “I probably would’ve not been here tonight. I would’ve said, ‘No we don’t have to bother.’ Now we have to work against a guy that doesn’t know where he is. I can’t believe it.”

President Trump said that his administration was “so successful before the plague came in from China.”

With the United States reporting the most cases and deaths from the CCP Virus of any country in the world, President Trump lamented that the pandemic is hurting his re-election chances in November.

At the beginning of the latest rally, the president accused the governors of North Carolina and other key battleground states such as Michigan of using the virus pandemic as an excuse to keep their states shut for “political reasons.”

“On Nov. 4th, every one of those states will be open. They’re doing it for political reasons,” President Trump said.