President Donald Trump said when he was in office that body bags were piled up outside a mainland Chinese laboratory, according to a report he had received.

Trump received intelligence when he was in the Oval Office about several stacked human corpses near the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), about 820 kilometers (510 miles) west of Shanghai.

“[I] started hearing stories … that there were lots of body bags outside of the lab,” he said according to News Limited. “I heard that a long time ago and, if they did in fact have body bags, that was one little indication–was not it?”

Trump believes the worldwide pandemic most likely began at the WIV, when a scientist allegedly became patient-zero and infected his girlfriend while they had lunch.

“A scientist walked out and had lunch outside in a park, or something, with the girlfriend and he had it and she had it,” he said. “It was incompetence, I think it escaped from the lab through incompetence and they also had some safety problems–as you know–at that lab.”

It is still unclear whether the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus was intentionally released into the general population.

“Some of the intelligence is classified … but commonsense tells you it most likely–and when I say most likely, like 95 per cent–came from the Wuhan lab,” he said according to the publication. “I do not know if they had bad thoughts or whether it was gross incompetence but, one way or the other, it came out of Wuhan–and it came from the Wuhan lab.”

He suggested the only authority that can definitively confirm the information’s authenticity is the CCP itself.

“I do not know where it came from, ask China,” he said. “You are going to have to figure that out, and you will probably be able to do it.”

When Sky News asked Mike Pompeo about the same information, the former secretary of state declined to confirm. He would only say there was important, indirect evidence that WIV is at the center of the entire CCP virus crisis.

WIV previously deleted its online database on Sept. 12, 2019, when the institute called tenders for a $128,000 security services contract. A new tender was announced on Oct. 18, 2019 to purchase a new security surveillance system worth more than $500,000.

A different tender was called for “quantitative fluorescent PCR equipment” worth up to $52,000 on Nov. 6, 2019.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe believes WIV’s acquisition pattern is “highly significant” and offers “another compelling piece of evidence indicating the virus leaked from the institute.”

The CCP vigorously denies any suggestion the pandemic began with a lab leak. The CCP virus is widely thought to have first spread at Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan during late 2019.

Sky News investigative reporter Sharri Markson released a full interview in the documentary, “What Really Happened in Wuhan.”

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