President Donald Trump believes that former Democratic President Barack Obama was perfectly aware of the irregularities committed by the FBI in order to spy on his 2016 presidential campaign.

In a telephone interview with “Fox & Friends” on Fox News on Friday, Nov. 22, President Donald Trump spoke about the report scheduled for release in December on the alleged abuse of international espionage warrants (FISA) and announced that it is going to be “historic.”

Several new reports have revealed that DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz has found evidence that an FBI agent altered a key investigative document related to the possible abuse on the FISA application to former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

“What you’re dealing at the highest levels of government,” President Trump answered. “They were spying on my campaign. This is my opinion. I said it a long time ago. Remember when I put out a tweet? And I talked about the wiretapping, in quotes, meaning modern-day version whatever wiretapping may be. And all hell broke loose.”

Responding to journalist Steve Doocy’s question as to what level the president believed all this information reached, he added, “I think, personally, it went all the way.”

The president suggested that the information surely reached the White House since it was in hands of people like John Brennan [CIA director], James Clapper [director of National Intelligence] and Susan Rice, “the person that worked at the United Nations, who went after FISA reports and went after reports like she ate them for lunch.”

“[Susan Rice] was getting them at levels nobody even imagined before. It had nothing to do with her. No, I think this goes to the highest level. I hate to say it. I think it’s a disgrace,” the president added.

The investigation of U.S. Attorney in Connecticut John Durham—who is conducting the criminal case for possible FBI and Justice Department misconduct in the run-up to the 2016 elections until spring 2017—has become a full criminal investigation, according to sources consulted by Fox News in October 2019.

This means that the former FBI lawyer who allegedly adulterated the documents is now under criminal investigation.

President Trump said on Friday that in the report of this investigation “we will see things that will be incredible.”

“There are very, very bad people. A lot of people talk about the deep state, I don’t like to use those words. I’m just saying, they’re very bad people, sick people,” the president added.