While most of Congress is on Thanksgiving recess, President Trump could become the first American president—after William Henry Harrison— not to make any recess appointments, according to The Washington Times.

In addition, President Trump is very active in his role, and since taking office he has not taken a break, not even during the Christmas break.

The president has the special power to make appointments to fill all important vacancies that may arise during times of recess, in accordance with Article II of the Constitution.

However, the White House does not seem to be concerned about making such temporary appointments, and President Trump apparently prefers that officials play an active role, as many do.

These temporary recess positions would make the size of the federal government even larger, and this is another reason why President Trump might not have made appointments, as he advocates cutting state expenditures in favor of taxpayers.

Ronald Reagan made nearly 250 recess appointments during his time in office. Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush each made dozens. George W. Bush made 171, and Barack Obama made 32.

Meanwhile, President Trump is at zero. Only William Henry Harrison had not made any appointments but he died just one month after assuming the position of the ninth president.

Nearly 2,900 days have passed since the last recess appointment, which dates back seven years to the Obama administration. That is by far the longest stretch in history, according to an analysis by The Washington Times.

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