President Donald Trump in an early morning tweet on Tuesday, June 18, said that the State Department’s identification of “multiple security incidents” related to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails is “really big.”

“Wow! The State Department said it has identified 30 Security Incidents involving current or former employees and their handling of Crooked Hillary Clinton’s Emails,” he said.

“This is really big. Never admitted before. Highly Classified Material,” he added. “Will the Dems investigate this?”

In a letter to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the State Department said it had issued 23 violations and seven infractions, finding 15 unidentified individuals to be involved in Clinton’s use of a private email server.

“Given the volume of emails provided to the department from former Secretary Clinton’s private email server, the department’s process has been necessarily more complicated and complex requiring a significant dedication of time and resources,” the letter reads.

The Daily Caller reported:

The FBI investigated whether Clinton mishandled classified information by sending and receiving classified emails on a private server that she kept at her residence in New York. The bureau found that Clinton was “extremely careless” in using the server, but ultimately decided not to recommend that she be charged with a crime. 

The State Department continued its internal review of the Clinton server after the FBI ended its investigation, according to the letter to Grassley. Clinton’s State Department aides, including Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, were aware that she exclusively used the server. Clinton and her aides exchanged thousands of classified emails while she was in office, including more than two dozen that were found to have top-secret information.

Grassley, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, had asked the State Department on Jan. 30 to identify any individuals who violated agency rules in the handling of Clinton’s server.

Mary Elizabeth Taylor, the assistant secretary of state for legislative affairs, told Grassley in the recent letter that the number of security violations is likely to increase as the internal review continues.

She also said that State Department employees who committed at least one violation or more than three infractions have had the information placed into their official security files.

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