Former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) responded on the Fox News “Hannity” program to Rep. Adam Schiff (R-Calif.), who referred to him and other Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee as the “four horsemen of this apocalypse.”

Gowdy laughed at Schiff’s mockery and responded with several comments about him and his ties to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Adam’s had a terrible last couple of years. He wanted to be the attorney general under Hillary Clinton and no one in the country worked harder to protect her than Adam Schiff,” Gowdy said.

He added, “He wanted to be the head of the CIA. He wanted to run for California and the run for Senate and the People’s Republic of California, but he couldn’t win either of those seats. So, now, now, he wants to be the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Speaking of the apocalypse, Adam Schiff wants to be the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.”

Gowdy said Republicans do not care much about Schiff.

“So, look, if they secede from the Union and President Maxine Waters wants to make him the attorney general in California, more power to him,” Gowdy said as Jason Chaffetz, Fox News representative in Utah, laughed.

“Otherwise, I don’t think anybody on my side of the aisle gives much of a damn what Adam Schiff thinks,” Gowdy concluded.

The House Intelligence Committee has been the battleground for a proxy war between Democrats who accuse the president and his allies of unjustly defaming the FBI and the Department of Justice and Republicans who said there is credible and sustainable evidence of a conspiracy against the president.

President Trump appointed Gowdy as adviser to the president’s legal team that formulates the defense strategy for the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry in the Ukraine Case.

Gowdy is a lawyer and was seen Oct. 8 at the White House before a letter was issued stating that the president and administration would not participate in the impeachment inquiry, according to Bloomberg.

However, Gowdy’s proposed move to join the lawyers defending President Trump was postponed a few days later.

Gowdy announced last year that he would not stand again as a candidate for the South Carolina House of Representatives.

“Whatever skills I may have are better utilized in a courtroom than in Congress, and I enjoy our justice system more than our political system,” Gowdy said, according to Bloomberg. 


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