A Republican from Virginia wants to bring Americans together through more optimistic leadership.

The Old Dominion state’s first black lieutenant governor announced she would not use race to divide the nation after being sworn into office.

Winsome Sears disagrees with those politicians who gain power through spreading a “negative view of life.”

“That is where too many of our political leaders come from, and all it does is serve their nefarious agenda to divide us and to say you are a victim,” she said on Fox News’s “Fox and Friends” program. “You are always going to be a victim, and the other people are the oppressors—and so you need us.”

The Jamaican-born Republican hopes her leadership will inspire black voters and women who take a keen interest in politics.

“That is part of the problem: We, for lack of a better word, segregate ourselves in divisive ways,” she said according to the broadcaster. “That is not conducive to healthy relationships.”

To this end, state Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) recently announced a new executive order to prohibit teaching so-called critical race theory and other “divisive concepts” in public schools.

For now, Sears hopes the general public can stop dwelling on the past and focus more on positive action in the present.

“We can move forward and right things [and] the way to right things is to have that opportunity to have a good education, it is to give parents choice,” she said according to Fox News. “We are going to teach everything, we are not going to sugarcoat anything because the one thing we have learned from history, as someone once said, is that we do not learn from history.”

Sears believes civil rights champion Nelson Mandela set a good example through refraining from seeking revenge from his aggressors.

“He was not looking for retribution, he wanted to say let us talk about what happened and let us move on because we must,” she said according to the broadcaster. “We cannot keep dividing ourselves. Those are the kinds of leaders we are looking for.”

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