Sex tapes and photos of Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, with what may be prostitutes went viral on Sunday, Oct. 25. Automatically, in about 10 states, the Google search engine triggered the question “Can you change your vote?” 

According to the records checked by The Gateway Pundit, although Google Trends does not provide the exact number of searches, it does rank them on a scale of 1 to 100 based on the number of above-average searches, and the exponential increase in the  “can you change your vote?” search could be recorded, even in the critical state of Pennsylvania.

When segmented by region, it can be seen that Utah, Idaho, and Pennsylvania had the most searches, respectively, followed by New Mexico, Michigan, Arizona, Missouri, Nevada, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

At the same time that Hunter Biden’s files went viral, coming from the infamous laptop that allegedly belonged to Hunter himself, more emails were also published with evidence pointing to the acts of corruption affecting both Hunter and Joe Biden.

“Hunter Biden China,” is another of the searches that went off over the weekend.  

According to Shore News Network, the search for “Can you change your vote?” also took off during the 24 hours following the presidential debate. Parallel to that increase, searches for the “oil industry” also skyrocketed after Biden said he would phase out the oil industry. That announcement presumably had a negative impact on voters, and many appear to be considering changing their vote.

Google Trends also showed that people looking for information about Joe Biden also used the phrases, “Bobulinski,” “anti-fracking,” “business partner,” “oil industry,” “super predators” and “tax increases.” All issues that in recent days further tarnished the image of presidential candidate Joe Biden. 

While the traditional media is trying to cover up the scandal, clearly many voters are not easily fooled and are looking for alternative sources of information. 

It is expected that despite the cover-up by mainstream media and the refusal by the Democrats and Joe Biden to explain the corruption scandal involving him as a protagonist, many of the voters, especially those who were undecided, will turn to President Trump in an unexpected last-minute turn of events. 

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