Thousands of supporters of President Donald Trump marched in support of their constitutional rights to transparency and a fair electoral process in several cities across the country on Nov. 8. 

Shawn Farash, 29, creator of the Long Island Loud Majority, said the rallies increased from 200 to 300 vehicles at his event in Suffolk County, New York, to 10,000, according to Breitbart on Nov. 10. 

“With two to three people per car, which is normally what’s been going on, we have anywhere between 20,000 and 30,000 people,” Farash said.

We were “huge crowds. I mean, huge crowds,” the Republican organizer stressed.

“And we have to if our president is not conceding,” he added. “He truly believes that this is illegitimate, and we have to fight until he’s done fighting. I told them we dig our heels in. We’re gonna keep it peaceful, as always, but we have to be angry. That said, we have to be driven and motivated, not depressed,” Farash explained.

Political commentator and presenter Dan Bongino supported the caravans from his Twitter account.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m expecting a rally from Trump soon. I’m not tired at all, not even a little bit,” he tweeted.

The event was broadcast on Twitter, and a there is a video of part of the event.

“Come visit Long Island Loud Majority and Shawn Farash will be hosting a big Trump rally for you,” said one of the invitations. 

It is estimated that the Beverly Hills caravan was attended by thousands of protesters.

And even in small towns, up to 100 vehicles joined in a boisterous and lively demonstration, according to the California Republican Federation of Women. 

“Yesterday in a small city in N Calif – Chico. 100 cars drove slowly through town as people honked, waved, and gave thumbs up. When we drove past the park the 20-30 Biden fans out there celebrating screamed at us and flipped us off with both hands,” they wrote.

Farash argued, “We still believe that we are the majority.” He added, “And if we really are the majority and outnumber the opposition, why remain silent? Therefore, we focus on the demonstrations because the demonstrations are noisy—they attract attention. You know, the ‘squeaky wheel.'”

He also explained what inspired them, “Actually, the theme that drives us is patriotism, and by that I mean pure love of country.”

The multiple demands made by the Republican campaign, in relation to possible electoral fraud, have been addressed by the U.S. attorney general who assigned prosecutors to investigate them.

In fact, several times the votes that were illegally assigned to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden have been returned to Trump. 

Moreover, the 20 Pennsylvania votes that had been awarded to Biden were discounted from his list and the results now show 214 votes for Trump and 259 for Biden, completely undermining the premature media portrayal of Biden as the winner.

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