President Donald Trump is coming to Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky, on Monday afternoon, Nov. 4, and his supporters were already lined up outside Rupp Area more than 30 hours before the rally.

Thousands of people lined up in Lexington eight hours before President Trump’s rally as he endorses and campaigns for incumbent governor Matt Bevin.

On Tuesday, Kentuckians will head to the ballot box, and it is apparent that the president hopes his visit will help Gov. Matt Bevin get re-elected. Vice President Mike Pence also visited Kentucky on Friday for the same purpose.

Many people in the crowd waiting around Rupp Arena said they think the fact that Bevin’s policies line up with President Trump will help him out.

Charley McCall was one of those who arrived early. He said, “We need to show our support. So rain, snow, sleet, and hail we’re going to be here,” according to WYMT.

“What really makes me proud is when I see the younger people that I see here,” McCall said. “When I see the younger generation out here, that’s what we’re leaving this to and that’s what people should be thinking about.”

While many people are from Kentucky, the rally also attracted people from other states, including Wyoming.

As Trump’s supporters waiting for the rally stand strong on their conservative beliefs, many said they are not trying to preach hatred or political divide.

“We need to come together as a nation,” said Gale Roberts. “I’m sick and tired of the division. At the end of the day we need to get along when the election is over.”

President Trump tweeted support for Bevin Monday morning, saying he “has worked really hard & done a GREAT job.”

Bevin promotes his conservative credentials on abortion and gun rights and condemning efforts to impeach President Trump.

Stephanie Grisham, White House press secretary, tweeted before the president heading to the campaign rally, “48,000 jobs have been added, businesses are investing and creating jobs, & last year Kentucky saw its lowest unemployment rate EVER recorded!”