President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, said he was ready to plan the next steps in the fight to overturn Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s alleged election victory.

The Washington Examiner reported that after landing Wednesday night in Palm Beach, Florida, the former New York City mayor said he was ready to talk about the legal challenges of the election, but was reserved about the next move.

In a video posted on his YouTube profile Wednesday afternoon, Giuliani said legislatures in several battlefields that elected Biden, including Arizona and Georgia, will review their decisions to certify election results based on “newly discovered evidence” after Christmas.

“Starting after Christmas, this is really going to blow up,” said the attorney who is leading the legal team representing President Trump.

Over the past weekend, Giuliani said the legal team will focus its strategy on the voting machines used in several battleground states, which recent analyses have shown would have given Trump votes to Biden.

Such a case would still be pending before the state courts. As stated by Giuliani in a call from Air Force One with John Catsimatidis and Kevin McCullough of 77 WABC, he would love to expose Dominion Voting Systems.

Meanwhile, the attorney recently said that major news networks such as ABC News, NBC, CBS, and even Fox will not have him as a guest to talk about voter fraud after Dominion Voting Systems, as well as Smartmatic, the companies in charge of the voting machines and software, demanded Giuliani and some media outlets retract the claims linking them to voter fraud.

“It’s been the strangest experience of my life,” Giuliani told Newsmax, “I’m living in a country with the kind of censorship that I remember as a young child in East Germany and the Soviet Union,” he added.

Newsmax was also implicated in the lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting System’s director of product strategy and security, Eric Coomer, for claims linking the company to election fraud.

However, on Monday, Newsmax’s anchor, John Tobacco, issued a statement saying that the news “never reported as true some claims” about the Smartmatic and Dominion voting machines.

Newsmax and OANN and Fox News made the decision to reverse their claims of voter fraud as Dominion and the software company Smartmatic threatened the lawsuit.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Dec. 12 that both the Michigan attorney general and the secretary of state were trying to hide information about the forensic audit conducted by a team of experts in Antrim County.

The analysis by the Allied Security Operations team of experts determined, “Dominion’s voting systems are intentionally and deliberately designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.”

Russell Ramsland, the company’s technology and security expert, said last week that important information that could change the results of the 2020 election race would be released in the coming days, but stressed that this would depend on how such information was released.

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