For renowned New Orleans radio host Jeff Crouere, it is time for former President Donald Trump to fight back against the impeachment trial that Democrats unconstitutionally filed against him, as specialists believe. 

“This sham is typical of how Democrats operate and how President Trump has been treated since he became a presidential candidate,” Crouere wrote in Townhall on Feb. 7. 

He continued, “They are fearful of Trump because he continually exposes their agenda and tells the truth. So, Democrats are determined to penalize Donald Trump in every way imaginable.”

Crouere insists that Trump has been mistreated in a manner unprecedented in the country’s history, and that ultimately the goal of his enemies is to remove him from the political scene.

“Even after leaving the White House, Donald Trump has been horribly mistreated. No President has ever been impeached twice or after they have left office,” Crouere reiterated.

He added, “This is really being done by Democrats to prevent Donald Trump from running for the presidency in 2024.”

That’s exactly what Trump’s former 2016 and 2020 senior communication’s adviser thinks, for whom the Democrats are just staging a PR campaign with the impeachment, trying to eliminate him from the 2024 campaign, as he put it in an interview retweeted by Trump’s War Room account. 

In this framework, constitutional lawyer Leo Terrell applies his knowledge and experience, according to which Trump will be acquitted of the charges against him.

“I am a civil rights lawyer, constitutional lawyer and I taught American government and US History. I am more qualified than 95 percent of all talking heads in the media,” Terrell stated. 

He also said, “The impeachment trial is unconstitutional and President Trump should be acquitted.”

Despite all the failed effort by the Democrats to discredit and impeach Trump, for so long, it appears that this time he will come out not only acquitted but even stronger, politically speaking. 

So believes former Missouri Republican Gov. Eric Greitens who spoke about the impeachment trial and the future of Republican politics in Missouri.

When asked by host John Bachman if he felt that the Democrats would ‘backfire’ in their impeachment trial against Trump, Greitens didn’t hesitate to say. 

“Yeah absolutely John, look if that is their objective it’s absolutely going to backfire because i can tell you this president trump is going to emerge even stronger from this,” he assured. 


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