The author and expert in studies on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Gordon Chang, listed some of its aggression against the United States and considered that relations should be cut with a “regime that wants to kill Americans.

Chang issued the warnings based on recent reports that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had offered to reward terrorists in Afghanistan for killing U.S. soldiers, in an interview with “America’s Newsroom” host Molly Line, according to Fox News on Jan. 1. 

“I don’t think we should have relations with any regime that wants to kill Americans,” he added, “China has been harming Americans for a long time, and we haven’t responded.”

In this regard, he noted that a long time has passed without a sufficiently forceful response.  

“We need to establish a deterrent,” he said. “And we have failed to do so, from administration to administration,” he reiterated, noting that the aggression mentioned was not the only one committed by the CCP.

“China’s been selling weapons to militants in Afghanistan, and, obviously, those weapons are going to be used against Americans,” Chang said. 

He added: “This also mirrors something that happened in Iraq, where China was selling weapons through Iran to militants in Iraq obviously used to kill Americans.”

He then lists the attacks: “China tried to shoot down a U.S. C-130 in early 2018. If you try to shoot down a plane, you are trying to kill the crew,” Chang said.

“And we know that it caused brain damage to American diplomats at the Guangzhou consulate at about the same time,” he recalled, leaving the most fatal of all for last. 

“And of course, they took steps to deliberately release the coronavirus [CCP Virus] from their own country, So that’s 346,000 Americans who have been killed by this disease. I mean, what more evidence do we need?”

Chang has been very observant of the behavior of the CCP, and he does not hesitate to denounce what he calls “genocidal policies,” by which they enslave millions of people belonging to ethnic and religious groups unwanted by the CCP.  

He also considers dangerous the taking of tens of millions of samples of genetic material (DNA) that the CCP does throughout the world, not only to prevent the spread of the CCP virus.

“Beijing is trying to extend its influence by making its vaccine available [and] collecting very sensitive information about people outside of China,” Chang told Fox News.

He added, “What they are doing is presented as, ‘We will give you this vaccine, but we need to complete our trials, so we will use your population as a test. If they don’t participate in these trials, they won’t get the Chinese vaccines.

Thus, Chang believes that the U.S. government and other nations must prevent DNA samples from being misused and endangering countless lives. That would mean controlling the CCP from acquiring U.S. companies holding records of DNA profiles and additional genetic background information.

On the other hand, Chang added that the CCP is ruthless in preventing the West from obtaining DNA data from the Chinese.

“We have to be extremely concerned that this is not consistent with a country that wants to cooperate with the rest of the world-this is consistent with a country that develops biological weapons,” he said, urging that more samples of genetic material be avoided.