Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) made headlines on Thursday, Feb. 25, after responding to the provocation of a Democratic lawmaker who placed the LGBT flag in front of Greene’s office for voting against the Equality Act that seeks to legalize “female”-identified biological men to participate in sports with biological women.

In the video posted on Twitter, which received more than 6 million views in less than a day Greene is seen pasting a sign that reads, “There are two genders: male and female. Trust The Science!”

Greene posted the video in response to Rep. Marie Newman (D-Ill.) who’s office is across the hallway and who posted a video placing the LGBT flag criticizing Greene for voting against the equality bill.

Although a small incident, what it illustrates is something immense—the fight to resist the destruction of traditional values.

The so-called Equality Act that the Democrats are trying to pass completely erases the concept of the biological sex of people and penalizes those who do not adopt the gender ideology. In other words, another way to legalize the ideological persecution of conservatives.

Ryan Anderson, president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC), expressed his rejection of the legislation, “The so-called Equality Act is legislative malpractice that turns equality on its head. It isn’t drafted as a shield to protect vulnerable minorities from unjust discrimination, but as a sword to persecute those who do not embrace new sexual and gender ideologies.” 

Other targets of the law: religious institutions and pro-life medical organizations

Anderson explained that if anyone questions transgender medical treatments and surgeries he would be labeled discriminatory under the Equality Act, meaning doctors would be forced to provide these dangerous treatments against their conscience.

“And any refusal to support or provide abortions would now be treated as ‘pregnancy’ discrimination. And no one—not even the act’s sponsors—can tell us what would be required under the act to avoid committing ‘discrimination’ in the case of ‘non-binary’ gender identities,” Anderson said.

Again, the Democrats creating laws that leave the boundaries open so they can carry out their agenda without restraint.

Moral of the story

Greene’s small but courageous stand points the way forward: Resist the progressive onslaught and stand up for traditional values lest we fall into the abyss of the left, an abyss devoid of God, and thus without a future.