Kanye West recalled during a Sunday church service in October that it was the Republican Party with Abraham Lincoln at its head that freed the slaves in America.

And an increasing number of African Americans have left the Democratic Party, which since the 1960s has claimed to be the champion of racial minorities, when in fact it has been the Republicans who have opposed the slavery that the Democrats stood for from the start.

The UPrager Facebook channel shared a short video where he explained that since its founding the Republican Party has fought for the abolition of slavery and polygamy, a practice that devalues women.

Kanye: The Republican Party Freed the Slaves

Kanye knows. ☝️ Wake up, everybody!

Posted by Dennis Prager on Thursday, October 31, 2019


The Republican Party was created in 1854 and at its first convention in 1856 it promised to get rid of “those twin relics of barbarism: polygamy and slavery,” the video explained.

The Democratic Party, which has always defended slavery, opposed the Republican Party so strongly that in 1860, just six weeks after the election of the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, the Democratic state of South Carolina voted to secede from the Union, provoking the bloodiest war in the nation’s history, the Civil War.

Eventually, this conflict led to the creation of the 13th Amendment, which freed the slaves, the 14th Amendment, which granted them citizenship, and the 15th Amendment, which guaranteed them the right to vote.

In fact, the first African American senators and congressmen were Republicans, from the first ones in 1870 to 1935.

In fact, all black senators were Republicans until 1979 and the violent racist Ku Klux Klan was always made up of Democrats.

It is also noteworthy that the first woman elected to Congress was a Republican.

If this is so, then why is there this deep-seated idea that the Democrats are the ones who defend racial minorities and women?

Political strategist and Iraq war veteran Leo Dunson said in a video on his YouTube channel that it’s because Democrats took control of public education in the United States in the 1960s and have been ‘indoctrinating’ Americans with a false narrative.

According to Dunson, whenever it is recalled that the Republicans were the ones who fought for the freedom of the slaves against the Democrats, the Democrats always make this argument, “That was before, there was a change in the ’60s and the Republican Party is no longer the same, now they defend slavery and they’re racist and fascist and blah, blah … “

“Honestly, this should be laughable to academics today: All the racists [Democrats] woke up one day and said, ‘You know what, I’m not a racist anymore’ and all the non-racists [Republicans] said ‘You know what, I’m a racist now,'” Dunson said.

“The fact that this lie is in history books and is taught in public schools across the country should say a lot about why students in these educational institutions are underachieving today,” Dunson added.

Dunson believes that what has happened to Kanye West is the same thing that has happened to many African Americans who, like him, were raised from childhood to be left-wing with a “plantation” mentality, “You’re born progressive, with this big government and plantation mentality; you believe in gun control because you believe the government can protect you better than you can protect yourself; you believe in subsidized housing; you believe in a higher minimum wage.”

Dunson claims that all these things are propaganda that bombards the African American population through the educational system that the left took over during the 1960s.

It’s not that the Democrats have stopped being racist and the Republicans have suddenly become intolerant, according to Dunson, what happened in the 1960s is that the Democrats took control of the public education system and began indoctrinating generations of Americans with this false narrative.

“Change is a myth, but not only is change a myth. Who started the Civil War? What was the real reason? There was no north against south, it was the Democrats against the Republicans and if we knew the real history maybe we wouldn’t be heading to repeat it like we are today,” he added.

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