Rocky Mountain Black Conservators founder and President Derrick Wilburn sids he knows why Democrats want to get rid of President Donald Trump at all costs.

Wilburn explained in a Townhall opinion piece that Democrats have been trying to remove Trump even before he took office in January 2017.

“If not for firing James Comey, then go to Michael Flynn. If that peters out there’s Stormy and Avenatti. No traction? Russian collusion. Didn’t get him? Ukraine’s up next. The effort to oust Trump has been nonstop for three years and shows no signs of slowing,” Wilburn said.

But why the obsession? Because he doesn’t belong to the “Club,” said Wilburn.

“Yes Trump is ruff, gruff, combative, and bombastic, but there’s lots of Club members who are all of those things, yet they’ve been around Washington for decades,” Willburn said.

“Truth is that The Club has been effectively insulating itself from the American people, enriching itself and its family members by burying self-pay schemes in the largess of government, and Trump is a threat. There are dark corners inside The Club’s clubhouse, lots of them, and Trump is wandering around with a flashlight,” he added.

Willburn criticizes that while Hillary Clinton had her private mail server professionally cleaned before handing it over to justice after the email scandal broke, President Trump is the one accused of “obstructing” justice in a case about alleged misbehavior during a call from which he delivered the transcript almost immediately.

Willburn cites in his note a paragraph from the book “Drain the Swamp: How Washington Corruption is Worse Than You Think,” written by Republican Sen. Ken Buck, who recounts how upon his arrival in Washington he was impressed by the opulent lifestyle of politicians.

“Waiters swarmed the rich, red carpets offering equally rich hors d’oeuvres. Fancy cheese and fruit trays decorated circular tables laden with salmon and tenderloin appetizers. Elegant orchids adorned the tables and wine flowed freely. The entire room swelled with the dulcet strains of a string quartet,” wrote Buck who ended up wondering: who pays for all this?

According to Willburn, the answer is clear: all citizens.

The Club members, more concerned that President Trump will uncover Joe Biden’s dealings in Ukraine than about possible illegalities, have been enriching themselves at the expense of millions of dollars in “foreign aid,” “military aid” and “humanitarian aid,” using friends, family, businesses, and even countries for decades, Willburn said.

Ukraine, he said, is just one more.

Specifically, while Joe Biden was vice president he had his son Hunter, with no experience either in energy or in Ukraine, hired with a millionaire salary by an energy company investigated for corruption.

His brother, James, was also involved in millionaire businesses in Iraq.

“James Biden isn’t a big name in the business of residential housing development, so what exactly qualifies him to work at a construction company and share in the winnings of a $1.5 billion project to build affordable homes in Iraq?” the New York Post revealed in 2012.

Willburn also mentions the case of Maxime Waters, a California Democrat who paid her daughter $750,000 from the campaign fund.

Or Florida representative Corrine Brown, sentenced to five years in prison for creating a fake charity to enrich herself with donations supposedly intended to help the poor.

And Willburn points out that not only are Democrats part of this Club, there are also Republicans who have participated and/or allowed illegal behavior.

“Since forever, The Club has been cutting deals and running scams for themselves and their families through which they end up filthy rich, incredibly powerful, travel the world at no personal expense, and eat quail on crackers—all not only behind their constituents’ backs, but with those constituents’ dollars,” Willburn said.

And this is where President Trump comes in, who is not part of The Club and has his own money.

“And, he’s a threat to blow the whole thing up. He’s shining lights into corners that they prefer remain dark. They must get rid of him; they can’t allow this outsider and his flashlight to run roughshod inside the clubhouse. Dark corners must remain dark, no candles allowed. So for three straight years, they’ve looked for something, anything to get his wick snuffed out,” Willburn said.

“That’s what’s really going on,” he concluded.

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