Former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin gave details of former Vice President Joe Biden’s interference in Ukraine in defense of his son Hunter in the case of the confiscation of Burisma’s assets, the company in which he worked.

An investigation spearheaded by Shokin pointed to money laundering by the company that had hired Hunter Biden as a member of its board of directors, the former prosecutor told One America News (OAN).

According to the former official’s statements, as a result of this investigation, he was fired due to interference by former Vice President Biden.

The pressures on the prosecutor were such that even President Poroshenko personally intervened to request the end of the investigation.

More cases against Burisma subsequently arose, and the Ukrainian president told Shokin that the U.S. vice-president would not release a $1 billion loan that Ukraine desperately needed if he continued to investigate Burisma.

He then appealed to the prosecutor’s patriotism and stressed that they were at war, so that he would close the case.

Then the Ukrainian president called the attorney general again to urge him to stop the investigation, because Vice President Biden was very upset about it, according to AON.

Finally, Shokin was called to the office of President Poroshenko who asked him to resign.

According to the former prosecutor’s statements, his resignation was requested by former Vice President Biden.

The leftist media spread the version that Shokin was corrupt and inept, but so far no case has been initiated against Shokin.

In Shokin’s view, the former U.S. vice president illegally influenced senior foreign officials to protect his son Hunter and cover up money-laundering activities.

Hunter joined the Ukrainian company despite his lack of knowledge and experience in energy matters.

The Democrats initiated an unpopular impeachment against President Donald Trump, alleging that he illegally pressured President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate the Bidens for political purposes.

After a very quick process the Democrats have not obtained any evidence of any inappropriate behavior on the part of President Trump.

At the same time, the White House timely published the entire transcript of the conversation between the two presidents and there is no evidence of undue pressure from the President Trump to Zelenskiy.