At least 50 Democrats in the House sent a letter to President Joe Biden requesting a cut in the Department of Defense budget. This is what could be the beginning of a historic dismantling, promoted by the radical left, of the security apparatus that gave stability not only to the country but also too much of the world from World War II until today.

The letter was organized by former Progressive Caucus chairmen, Democratic Reps Barbara Lee of California and Mark Pocan from Wisconsin, and Rep. Jake Auchincloss from Massachusetts, plus co-signed by about 40 other progressive Democratic representatives.

“While we are heartened that your administration is not contemplating expanding the Pentagon’s already inflated budget, our new Democratic majorities in Congress along with your administration should go further,” the lawmakers wrote on Tuesday in a letter to Biden. “Rather than requesting a flat Pentagon budget, we urge you to seek a significantly reduced Pentagon topline.”

The letter follows reports that Pentagon officials are crafting a fiscal 2022 budget request of $704 billion that is virtually the same compared to this year’s Defense Department budget.

Any effort to reduce the Defense budget will not be simple, given that there are prominent sectors that will undoubtedly defend the essence of American security. Among them are the Republicans, who far from favoring an adjustment of the budget, have already been pressuring President Biden to increase it by 3 to 5%. 

With a slim Democratic majority in the House and a 50-50 split party in the Senate, Democrats are expected to need Republican votes to pass a reduced defense budget.

The letter gave no further details on the percentage to be cut at the Pentagon.

In addition, they argued that hundreds of billions of dollars being used by the military could have “a greater return if invested in diplomacy, humanitarian aid, global public health, sustainability initiatives, and basic research,” typical leftist talk that sounds pretty good to people’s ears, but in practice is not possible to carry out. 

Democrats have been using various excuses as arguments to try to justify their desire to defund the world’s largest defense apparatus. Progressive lawmakers have even officially announced their desire to reduce National Defense spending. And on several occasions they have demonstrated their interest in reducing this Defense spending in order to reallocate those funds, for example, to the fight against “climate change.” 

Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) said she hopes to defund the Pentagon during her term in office. Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey have promoted a similar defense budget-cutting resolution with the support of Greenpeace.

In short, any argument is valid for the left when it comes to cutting the Pentagon budget. While their insistence on the issue is of great concern, it is reassuring that many sectors will oppose and strongly resist such an outrage.

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