There are more and more episodes of violence in schools, on public roads, and in universities toward conservative young people by individuals deceived by the left and with an anti-Trump profile.

Just by wearing a MAGA pin or cap, young people are insulted, spit on, and even beaten violently by those who ask for “tolerance” for their own progressive and radical ideas, while they themselves have no tolerance for anyone who thinks differently.

They ask not to be discriminated against, while they themselves discriminate and contradictorily use the motto: “We are all equal and we have the same rights.” They ask for “freedom of expression” but only for themselves, not for those who have something else to say.

Chilling images were circulated this week of a young Florida man who was savagely beaten on a school bus by a group of African American teenage girls, just for having a cap in support of President Trump.

The video was posted on social networks on Thursday Dec. 12, by one of the 14-year-old’s parents, who said his son’s support for President Trump was what provoked the girls’ anger and aggressions.

The boy tried to call 911 during the assault, but the girls broke his phone, according to screenshots posted by his parents.

But violence isn’t just from young people to young people. A Michigan high school student was assaulted last Dec. 5 by her teacher when she violently pulled a pin from her chest with the legend “Women for Trump.”

The young woman said to her teacher, “That’s fine you don’t have to like it, we can have our opinions.”

Student leader Charlie Kirk recently pointed out that conservative youth are losing the fear of publicly showing their beliefs and “are even gravitating toward the successes of Trump’s presidency.”

Kirk is the leader of the organization Turning Point USA (TPUSA) from which he seeks to confront the hegemonization of the left on university campuses, spreading conservative ideas.

Many times his talks are boycotted by young leftists who try to prevent attendees from hearing him.

What’s the left afraid of?

On Nov. 26, during a speech in Sunrise, near Miami, President Trump alerted “those who have been trying to impose the horrors of socialism” in the United States and reiterated that this country will never be socialist.

“Tonight we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country,” he said.

The president is referring in large part to the Democratic Party, which has been leaning more and more to the left with its progressive and socialist policies such as: open borders, high taxes, welfare, pro-abortion agenda, proLGBT and gender ideology, and so on.

A conservative Republican like President Trump poses a threat to them, even though the president has stressed more than once that he is the president of “all Americans” and that he governs for all people, not just a minority.

Not accepting him as president has caused everyone from the entertainment industry to the media to propagate that hate speech toward the president, even spreading lies such as that he is a racist or a misogynist.

Never in American history has there been such aggressive rhetoric from journalists and celebrities toward a democratically elected president.

In the end, young people are somewhat innocent because they are exposed to all this hate propaganda that strikes them.

The communist agenda is even incorporated in universities when professors teach Karl Marx’s philosophy of class struggle or Keynesian economic theory that fosters state participation in the economy.

Since communism has infiltrated culture and on almost all fronts, young people need to have correct guidance in order to think differently. That’s why for some time now there has been a boom in alternative or independent media, social networks and people who dare to go against the tide and dare to be ‘politically incorrect’ by saying what they think.