Kayleigh McEnany, the president’s press secretary, spoke to Fox News on Monday, Nov. 2, and referred to the message of violence that the left is sending to Americans: If President Trump wins the election there will be consequences.

“We deserve the great American tradition of democracy, of peaceful elections, of accepting the vote of the American people, but the boarded-up windows, the closed down stores tell you all you need to know about the modern American left. The violence is unacceptable and they are not deserving of federal power,” McEnany said.

Stores and businesses in the cities of Portland, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington are taking security measures in the face of the possibility of a repeat of the riots that hit these cities in May of this year with the death of George Floyd and other incidents that were used as justification for the looting, destruction, and violence.

In Washington, hair salons, restaurants, clothing stores, and banks just a few blocks from the White House have covered their fronts with plywood this past Sunday for fear of rioting this coming Tuesday after the presidential elections.

“They’re saying if you don’t choose the left’s chosen candidate, we will send the left out to attack you. That’s as close to extortion as you can get and Joe Biden has the power to say, ‘Stand down,’ to the mob. Will he do it?” the McEnany questioned.

Trump campaign senior adviser stated, “Notice what those cities have in common. They’re all Democrat cities …” is “all the proof you need that the left should not be given federal power.”

Democratic mayors and governors of these cities have been targets of the president’s criticism because during the riots organized by the Marxist Black Lives Matter and antifa movements, not only did they not send police to deal with the violent protesters, but they also rejected the federal aid offered by President Trump. As a result, many businesses were destroyed, stores looted, and large numbers of police and ordinary citizens were injured.

Many of these disturbances were quelled when federal security forces intervened.

Mainstream media has been promoting the idea that President Trump will not accept the election results, and intends to stay in power indefinitely, which McEnany referred to as “fake news.”

Tuesday’s election has become a Democratic Party fight with the help of the mainstream media and the Silicon Valley giants, Facebook and Twitter, which have not stopped inventing lies, accusations of all kinds, and conspiracy theories to stain President Trump’s reputation and try to trick the American public into turning against him.

While on the other side, President Trump has used all his strength to get his message out that “America will never be a socialist country” and this perhaps has upset the Democratic Party and its allies.

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