The so-called Kraken lawsuit, filed by Sidney Powell in Georgia for the scandalous election fraud, was dismissed on Monday, Dec. 7, by a U.S. District Court in Atlanta. However, the attorney, a few hours later, was already filing an appeal with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, alleging a far-reaching conspiracy to manipulate the election of Joe Biden in Georgia.

Powell just filed an emergency appeal after U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Batten dismissed her lawsuit known as Kraken after a fleeting hearing, according to Fox News.

Batten argued a jurisdictional issue in rejecting the lawsuit, questioning whether the lawsuit should have been filed in state court. Batten argued that the goal Powell seeks with her lawsuit, among other things, to invalidate Georgia’s 1 million absentee votes and declare President Trump the winner in the state, is something “this court cannot grant.”

“Plaintiffs request this Court immediately transmit this notice of appeal to the Eleventh Circuit so that that court may docket the matter,” Powell said in her notice of appeal, “thus enabling Plaintiffs to proceed as quickly as possible to have these urgent issues of national importance addressed.”

Powell’s urgency to get the lawsuit filed on what is called “safe harbor” day, which by federal statute is the last day for election disputes to be resolved before Congress is required to accept the results.

The Georgia lawsuit alleges widespread fraud in the November election, including foreign interference, problems with absentee ballots, and the use of voting machines to switch votes from one candidate to another.

The number of irregularities during the election process in Georgia is unprecedented, and Powell, along with President Trump’s team of lawyers and many other private attorneys, began a legal battle to bring as many cases as possible to prove systematic fraud, which allowed Democratic candidate Joe Biden to win the election by a small number of votes. 

One of the most compelling issues in the lawsuits is the insecurity of the election machines, which allegedly allowed foreign forces to enter the election and alter the results.

In the 104-page lawsuit, Powell states that the scheme focused on “ballot stuffing” hidden by the voting machines’ algorithms and alleged that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Iranian agents had access to Dominion Voting Systems software to manipulate the election.

Powell accused Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, both Republican officials, of having “rushed to buy Dominion machines and software in 2019 for the 2020 presidential election” without due diligence and ignoring security concerns.

She also attached to the lawsuit the video surveillance of the State Farm Arena on the night of the vote count, after observers and media were removed from the stadium because of an alleged broken water pipe, Democratic Party electoral staff continued to count the votes despite the absence of the Republican observers. Hours later, mysteriously, Joe Biden had reversed the election. 

Finally the lawsuit shows a huge amount of embarrassing situations such as poorly loaded ballots, nonresident voters, thousands of deceased voters, underage voters, the mysterious case that 100% of the ballots sent by Fulton’s military were for the Democratic candidate and a long list of situations that led to putting President Trump at a disadvantage in order to steal his election.

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