In an exclusive interview with Fox News on Sunday, Aug. 23, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) talked about the new declassified FBI documents that expose the FBI’s double standard of justice, when in 2015 it protected Hilary Clinton’s campaign from the influence of a foreign government and in 2016 under identical circumstances, it did everything possible to prevent President Trump from being elected.

Graham explained that new declassified documents show that the FBI discovered in March 2015 a plot by a foreign government that was lobbying and trying to illegally contribute millions of dollars to Hilary Clinton’s campaign.

As a result, the FBI opened an investigation and requested a FISA warrant against the operative within the Clinton campaign that maintained contact with the foreign government. However, the agency’s top authorities rejected the request to monitor the Clinton campaign and instead ordered a briefing about the plot so that it could solve the problem without the need to involve a formal investigation.

Graham said, “They never issued the FISA warrant. That was the right way to do business.”

However, when in 2016 it found a plot of a foreign government trying to influence Donald Trump’s campaign for president, the FBI made a generic briefing to the Trump campaign without warning him of the situation and also used the general briefing to spy on then-candidate Donald Trump and Michael Flynn, Graham explained.

Graham remarked, “Remember this: They found a foreign government wanting to give Hilary Clinton millions of dollars, and they let her know about so that didn’t happen. They never did anything to protect Trump. A counterintelligence investigation is supposed to protect the American interest against foreign influence. When it came to Trump, they didn’t try to protect him, they tried to set him up for failure.”

Remarkably upset with the discovery, Graham said that 2016 was a “political operation” by the FBI and that people on the “seventh floor [the leadership of the FBI] needs to be fire or go to prison.”

Graham also used the example of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.). The FBI discovered that one of Feinstein’s drivers was spying for the Chinese intelligence service and warned her to fire him.

“They found one of her drivers was connected to the Chinese intelligence services and they told her about so she could fire him. They never did this for Trump. They did for Clinton, they did it for Feinstein,” Graham said.

“This is an abuse of the counterintelligence program designed to protect Americans from foreign influence. When it came to Trump, they used it as a tool, a political tool to get a man they didn’t like and didn’t want him to be president. This is a very big deal and I hope Durham is looking at it,” Graham concluded.

The United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut John Durham was appointed in May 2019 to investigate the origin of what was the impeachment of President Trump. Last week a former FBI lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, pleaded guilty to lying to get the FISA warrant against Carter Page, and this was the first concrete step in the investigation.

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