The crowds of President Trump’s supporters, who make his meetings vibrate are the constant, and for some valid evidence of the success of his campaign. 

“It is not an exaggeration to say Trump rallies look like rock concerts while Biden rallies look like family funerals in the age of the coronavirus,” observed Breitbart senior writer and editor-at-large John Nolte on Oct. 13. 

And during the national conventions of the Republican and Democratic parties, held in late August, that was one of the most sweeping differences between the two events: the enthusiasm.

The energy that the Republicans oozed as they celebrated each advance of their candidate, President Trump, made an abysmal difference in the face of the lackluster showing by the supporters of the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

In one of the most recent examples, Trump is seen as a speaker and his cheerful red audience vibrating in unison in search of the country they want and which Trump has shown, for nearly four years, he can provide. 

“View of the crowd here in Sanford, Florida. Trump’s first rally since he was infected with Covid-19 [CCP Virus]. Crowd is not socially distant and there are many people with no masks,” international journalist Richard Hall wrote in a tweet on Oct. 12. 

That lively tide contrasts sharply with the small group of people listening to Biden the day before in Pennsylvania.

“Wow! Look at the huge crowd for Biden in Pennsylvania,” tweeted user @RebelYell1968, on Oct. 11. 

This is the contrast that Nolte rightly referred to as “rock concerts” and “family funerals in the age of the coronavirus.” 

The energy of the Republicans is such that it even further obscures Biden’s serious attendees, as can be seen in the following video from Oct. 12, in which they proclaim their motto “Four more years.”

“Dozens of Trump supporters were loudly singing a mix of ‘Four More Years’, ‘Trump’ and ‘USA’ throughout the event, getting louder when Joe Biden mentioned the president,” tweeted NBC News reporter Marianna Sotomayor. 

Likewise, for the president’s fans, their ideals are enough to pay tribute to his cause. Many meetings and parades have been held in the president’s absence. 

For example, on Oct. 12, hundreds of boaters demonstrated at a rally in Pinellas County, Florida, with many observers along the way.

And who wouldn’t vibrate with excitement before a candidate who was hospitalized by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus only a week ago and now dances for his constituents?

White House aide Ivanka Trump forwarded a video tweet from the Daily Caller in which President Trump dances on Oct. 13.

“President Trump dancing to the YMCA after his Florida meeting tonight,” wrote Daily Caller. 


In the face of seemingly confusing polling data, there are some who point to President Trump supporters’ decisiveness. For example, in one of the Pew polls 66 percent of voters followed him strongly, while Biden was only 46 percent, a difference of 20 points.

Compared to the similar situation presented to Hillary Clinton in 2016, Biden is down by 7 more points, given that the difference between Clinton and then-candidate Donald Trump was 13 points, Breitbart pointed out.

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