The Chinese regime concealed the outbreak of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus for two months, greatly aggravating its impact, which is why Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) is proposing that the Chinese regime waive part of its debt.

Blackburn emphasized the responsibility of the Chinese regime for its mishandling of the pandemic and alluded to Senate Resolution 553, promoted by her, in an interview with WVNN radio in Huntsville, Alabama.

“We know this came from Wuhan, China, and that they hid the information and were not transparent, that they blocked the World Health Organization and the CDC from coming in to help,” Blackburn said.

“They tried to blame it on the U.S. military. And we hold them accountable,” she concluded.

Resolution 533, introduced in the Senate, condemned the Chinese regime’s response to the outbreak of the CCP Virus and called for 1) China to publicly declare that there is no evidence that the CCP Virus originated outside China, and 2) the World Health Organization (WHO) retract misleading statements supporting the Chinese regime’s response to the CCP Virus.

For Blackburn, the Chinese regime should cancel part of the U.S.’s debt as compensation for the damages caused by its negligence in this country.

“They have caused us a tremendous amount of loss of life, loss of businesses, suffering, inconvenience, shutting down our economy,” Blackburn said.

She also believes that it is very important for the manufacturing to return to the United States, in order to end the dependence on a foreign country in this regard.

“These are all things that we should take into consideration—bringing our manufacturing back, not only our pharmaceutical manufacturing,” she added, referring to regaining economic dynamism with the other factories that were moved to China in the past.

Also, a group of Americans led by U.S. Department of Justice attorney and former prosecutor Larry Klayman agrees with Blackburn about getting financial compensation from the Chinese regime for its irresponsible handling of the CCP Virus outbreak.

Klayman and his group go further by accusing the Chinese regime of creating the CCP Virus and using it as a biological weapon, causing the death of U.S. citizens and supporting terrorists.

For this reason, they sued the Chinese regime for $20 trillion in compensation.

Researcher, and journalist Shrenik Rao believes that the secretary general of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), Xi Jinping, and the top leaders of his party should be tried for crimes against humanity.

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