Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) called the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “the most dangerous geopolitical threat” and introduced three bills in the Senate to control it. “Mr. President, I rise today to discuss the single most dangerous geopolitical threat that America faces now and through the next century: China,” Cruz said as he began his speech before the introduction of the bills.

One of his bills would suspend federal funding to Hollywood studios that censor their films, following the rules of the CCP.

The CCP aims to “shape what Americans see, hear, and ultimately think,” Cruz told the Senate on May 21, while promoting three bills to limit that situation.

Cruz illustrated with several examples of how producers are adapting their films to the wishes of the CCP in order to access their markets. “What message does it send that Maverick, an American icon, is apparently afraid of the Chinese communists? That’s ridiculous,” Cruz said.

He also said the CCP edits content related to Tibet, Taiwan, Tiananmen Square, human rights, democracy, religion, or any criticism of communism.

Cruz said that the CCP is also responsible for the medical and political censorship that allowed the spread of the CCP Virus, which now causes disasters all over the world.

One of the bills introduced by Cruz would punish CCP officials who repressed doctors, journalists, and political dissidents who tried to warn of the danger of the CCP Virus when it was barely known.

“Between January 1 and April 4, the Chinese government charged 484 people with crimes for the comments they made about the coronavirus (CCP Virus) pandemic,” Cruz said.

“The coronavirus (CCP Virus) pandemic has shattered the lives of husbands, wives, daughters, sons, granddaughters, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews who have lost their loved ones,” Cruz lamented.

He also listed some of the damages caused by the pernicious disease, among them the 38 million Americans who lost their jobs and the industries that are on the verge of bankruptcy, all this when the country’s economy was booming.

Another bill seeks to prevent the CCP from taking advantage of loopholes in Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations to broadcast communist propaganda to the United States from Mexico and Canada.

As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Cruz also seeks to end the U.S.’s dependence on the CCP for medical supplies and other essential materials.

“The Chinese government is a 1984-style dystopian state, and it has tracked down and imprisoned millions of Uighurs and other religious minorities,” Cruz also said.

“The Chinese government is constantly tracking the movements of millions of people using cutting-edge biotechnology and artificial intelligence, and has put a million Uighurs in concentration camps right now,” Cruz added.

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