The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) openly celebrated Joe Biden’s occupation of the White House, and exclaimed “goodbye” to President Donald Trump via Twitter. Thus expressing joy at the end of a presidential term that truly succeeded in putting the brakes on its overbearing and dictatorial policies. 

One of the main CCP-controlled propaganda media, the Xinhua News Agency, tweeted a photo of the White House with the caption, “Bon voyage, Donald Trump!”.

The Xinhua Twitter post celebrating Trump’s departure, was posted for a few hours and then deleted by the Xinhua. It also included a link to an anti-Trump and pro-communist article published last week in Xinhua. 

The article, loaded with baseless lies, states that President Trump and those who share his opposition to the Communist Party, are “weak inside.”

The CCP reflected its anger at the Trump administration for having been the first presidency to actually prevail in the face of the sweeping advance of communism in every aspect of American society, from economics, to religion, to culture. 

As president, he did not hesitate to condemn and take action against the Communist Party’s colonization attempts and constant assault on human rights, both in its silent advance in impoverished countries in Latin America and Africa, as well as its promotion of authoritarianism in international arenas such as the United Nations, the focal point of its foreign policy. 

The Trump administration also condemned the repressive and dictatorial domestic policy of the CCP, the persecution of spiritual groups such as Falun Gong, and the genocide of the Muslim Uighurs in the Xinjiang area. President Trump sanctioned dozens of Chinese authorities and applied countless restrictions and tariffs on products and firms related to the CCP and its military and intelligence system.

Trump’s policies have also curtailed rogue activity by allies of the Chinese Communist regime such as Iran, Venezuela, North Korea and Cuba. 

In contrast, as a candidate, current President Joe Biden suggested that he would be less aggressive in fighting Communist Party influence, opting to eliminate sanctions and tariff policies to make way for supposed “trade reciprocity,” as if it were an easy task to deal with the world’s largest dictatorial regime.

According to Biden’s words, his strategy to confront the CCP is to “act as a bloc together with U.S. allies.” This is a no-brainer and it begs the question, what happens when allies are unwilling to confront the CCP, due to their particular business or whatever reason? 

In such cases, former President Trump did not hesitate to act anyway, assuming the greatness that the United States represents. Examples of this action could be seen when President Trump decided to withdraw from the Paris agreement, precisely after denouncing that the pact was harming national interests while benefiting the communist regime. 

A similar case was that of the nuclear pact signed by Obama in 2015 with Iran, which was canceled by President Trump in 2018 because he understood that strong concessions were being made to the regime, endangering national and global security.

The newly assumed Democratic administration has not yet reported a clear policy regarding how it will continue open conflicts with the CCP and what strategies it will implement in this regard. 

But due to the known connections between the CCP and Joe Biden, coupled with its common globalist agenda, it is expected that there will be a rapprochement toward the regime, to the detriment of freedoms, local development, and Western culture as a product of the communist advance in every sphere of society.