The emails revealed by the New York Post, which showed apparent acts of corruption perpetrated by the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, and his son Hunter, have given rise to a complex network of relationships.

Among those involved are a Chinese citizen, JiaQi Bao, who served as a contact between Hunter Biden and the former president of the conglomerate CEFC China Energy, Jianming Ye, linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from which Hunter had received millions in profits, according to a series of tweets sent by Twitter user Judy Anderson (@JudyAnd56006226)

“1/Per @ding_gang, there’s more to it than Hunter Biden’s laptop that was left at the workshop. Somehow, a girl named JiaQi Bao is the key person for what is beyond the laptop. JiaQi Bao (AKA TianTian Bo) is the daughter of Xilai Bo, a political opponent of Xi back in the days,” Judy Anderson begins her story. 

Anderson is reportedly linked to the Whistleblower Movement founded by Guo WenGui, a Chinese billionaire based in New York in 2017, with the aim of destroying the CCP.

According to Anderson, JiaQi Bao is under the protection of Guo WenGui.

Anderson assumes that JiaQi Bao would be a suitable witness against the Biden family, because she seems to know Hunter very well, according to the correspondence they had. 

She even considers the possibility that JiaQi Bao may have handed over one of the laptops containing information about the Biden’s apparent crimes. 

Hunter Biden may have had a deeper relationship with JiaQi Bao than just friendship, but when he learned that she was the daughter of Xi’s political rival, he exposed her to Xi.

After Xi confirmed that JiaQi Bao was Xilai Bo’s daughter, he suspected that former CEFC manager Jianming Ye was not loyal to him and had him arrested. Once in prison he had several “heart attacks” from which he died. 

Some of this information was provided by Lu De (@ding_gang), another member of the Whistleblower Movement, who showed emails sent by JiaQi Bao to Hunter Biden, as quoted by Anderson. 

The corruption cases the Bidens are accused of have created a great wave of criticism and apparently involve the main leaders of the Democratic Party. No doubt this is shocking news just days before the presidential elections.


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