A senator from Texas warned the Lone Star State might leave the United States, if the federal government keeps pursuing a radical-left agenda.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R) is tired of what he calls Joe Biden’s administration destructive policies that are making America “hopeless.”

“If the Democrats end the filibuster, if they fundamentally destroy the country, if they pack the Supreme Court, if they make D.C. a state, if they federalize elections and massively expand voter fraud, there may come a point where it is hopeless,” he said in a video shared on YouTube.

Although Cruz does not believe the nation has reached this stage, he suggested a ‘Texit’ strategy might be one solution.

“If there comes a point where it is hopeless then I think we [should] take NASA, the military, [and] oil,” he can be heard saying.

The Republican believes everyone would take a ‘Texit’ seriously because Texas is an “amazing force keeping America from going off the cliff” and “keeping America grounded in the values that built this country.”

The Texas Nationalist Movement, or ‘Texit,’ is quickly gaining traction. Last summer it campaigned for a ‘Texit’ referendum vote in the state’s upcoming 2022 primary. The vote is promised to let Texas make its own laws instead of relying on “2.5 million unelected bureaucrats in Washington.”

The group hopes this will “secure and protect the political, cultural and economic independence” of the Lone Star State. It is also promised to “restore and protect” a constitutional Republic and the “inherent rights” of Texans.

At least 76,854 signatures are required from valid and registered voters for the proposal to be considered, according to Newsweek.

University of Texas associate professor of government Eric McDaniel doubts a ‘Texit’ would be practical.

“Many historians believe that when the Confederacy surrendered at Appomattox in 1865, the idea of secession was also defeated,” the Texas Tribune reported. “The Union’s victory set a precedent that states could not legally secede.”

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