The state of Texas filed the first lawsuit against newly inaugurated President Joe Biden. It is a strong accusation against the provision that will suspend deportations of illegal aliens as part of a “blanket amnesty.” Several Republican states are expected to file similar lawsuits in the coming weeks. 

The Texas lawsuit against the new administration involves the first major lawsuit challenging President Joe Biden’s policies just two days into his term.  

As reported by Newsmax, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton assures that the provision communicated from the Department of Homeland Security, would be in breach of federal law by omitting the participation of the affected state, in this case, Texas.

Paxton also denounced the administration for failing to enforce immigration laws and granting a “blanket amnesty” in favor of illegal aliens.

“On its first day in office, the Biden Administration cast aside congressionally enacted immigration laws and suspended the removal of illegal aliens whose removal is compelled by those very laws,” Paxton said in the lawsuit.

The prosecutor in addition to exposing the illegality of Biden’s disposition, exposed his lack of commitment to the state of Texas, with whom he had pledged to work together on these types of issues.

“It ignored basic constitutional principles and violated its written pledge to work cooperatively with the State of Texas to address shared immigration enforcement concerns,” the complaint continued.

Paxton’s lawsuit asks the federal court to declare the Department of Homeland Security memo unlawful in order to prevent the defendants from benefiting from the order.

As the lawsuit states, the memo affects nearly all illegal aliens with pending deportations, including those whose removal was ordered after a “full and fair hearing” and were determined to be ineligible for further immigration benefits.

In a statement on his official website, Paxton expressed concern about the new regulations, saying, “Our state defends the largest section of the nation’s southern border. Failure to properly enforce the law will directly and immediately endanger our citizens and law enforcement personnel.”

Several Republicans have warned about the dangers of immigration policy easing policies that are already being implemented by Democrats and are likely to continue to expand. 

One of them is Florida Sen. Marcos Rubio, considered a reference for legal immigrants in the United States, who a few days ago said regarding Biden’s immigration policies, “Before we deal with immigration, we need to deal with COVID [the CCP Virus], make sure everyone has the chance to find a good job, and confront the threat from China.” 

He continued, “America should always welcome immigrants who want to become Americans. But we need laws that decide who and how many people can come here, and those laws must be followed and enforced.”

Rubio follows the line of former President Trump, who has always spoken out in favor of legal immigrants, who come to the United States to fulfill the American dream and contribute their strength and/or intellect to the development of the country but without ceasing to apply the weight of law on those who come to promote drugs, human trafficking and crime in general. 

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