Sources said earlier that Border Patrol agents and sector chiefs received an unofficial “gag order” from President Joe Biden, which instructed them to avoid “leaks” of the true conditions at the border at the present. 

Is there a deliberate concealment of the crisis?

Gateway Pundit reported that when the CCP Virus (COVID-19) pandemic was ragging across the nation, Biden’s open border policies resulted in over 100,000 illegal aliens and phony refugees flooding the U.S. southern border each month. 

Details of the inundating streams of illegal aliens at the border are also the types of information that the current government decided to be cut off from Americans. Moreover, while there is a certain number of refugees reported to be infected with the CCP Virus, orders to test them or ensure to reduce any possibility for them to spread the disease when entering America are surprisingly scarce. 

Fortunately, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has taken action by ordering an investigation aiming at the migrant center for minors in Carrizo Springs, specifically the Texas Department of Health Services will be checking the coronavirus outbreak at the facility, which is also reported to be offering no clean running water. 

By the beginning of March, the Abbott had criticized theBiden’s administration failure to put enough attention on health safety measures that should have been implemented while welcoming migrants into the country. For that, Abbott has declared that the state will not accept such a program to be imposed.

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