Televangelist Pat Robertson said on Tuesday, Nov. 17, that the election is not over yet, expressing his confidence that President Donald Trump will win a second term because God does not want to turn over the United States to socialism.

Appearing on The 700 Club show, Robertson said that he prayed against “the spirit of delusion that has come across our land” that allowed Democratic nominee Joe Biden to claim victory in the presidential election.

“We will not surrender our nation, we will not give up this great country and Satan, you cannot have it,” he said.

The longtime televangelist said that he believed God has heard what he prayed for and he asked everybody to pray for the country.

“It isn’t over yet,” Robertson said, answering a question from an audience who asked if he heard anything from the Lord about the election results.

“And I do not think, again, [God] wants to turn this nation over to socialism, and [Sen.] Bernie Sanders and AOC [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] and those people are pure socialists.”

“They want to take over control of everything. They want to run all the business, they want to run all the industry, they want to redo all the energy we’ve got, they want to take away your cars, they want to stop people flying airplanes—I mean, it is crazy what they have,” he continued.

“We cannot allow that, so let’s pray,” Robertson said. “And what am I hearing? I still think Trump’s gonna ultimately win.”

Robertson repeated what he has prophesied on the U.S. election in which he said that God told him President Trump would be re-elected.

In a monologue on “The 700 Club” on Oct. 20, the 90-year-old founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network said that President Trump’s win is “a given.”

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