A snippet of an edited audio clip designed to incite racial hatred was played at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on white nationalism on April 29, by Rep. Ted Lieu (D–Calif.) on his smartphone as a personal attack on American conservative commentator and political activist Candace Owens.

The purpose of the hearing was to address white nationalism and hate crimes, and Owens was invited by Republicans to attend as a guest speaker.

“The hearing today isn’t about white nationalism, it’s a preview of a Democrat 2020 election strategy, same as the 2016 election strategy,” Owens said. “If they were really concerned about white nationalism, they’d hold hearings on antifa.”

Lieu’s turn to speak comes, and he does not hesitate to notify the audience of his edited version of Owens’ “opinion” on Hitler.

The segment of Owens’s speech that Lieu played however, was a truncated version that was aimed to deceive the audience as well as the general public unaware of Owens’s original speech.

“He purposely presented an extracted clip. … He’s trying to present as if I was launching a defense of Hitler in Germany,” said Owens. “I do not believe that we should be characterizing Hitler as a nationalist. He was a homicidal, psychopathic maniac that killed his own people. A nationalist would not kill their own people.”

Owens’ full speech regarding her views on Hitler is shown below.

“Whenever we say ‘nationalism,’ the first thing people thing about, at least in America, is Hitler. You know, he was a national socialist, but if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, okay fine. The problem is … he had dreams outside of Germany. He wanted to globalize. He wanted everybody to be German. Everybody to be speaking German. Everybody to look a different way. … To me that’s not nationalism.”

“The biggest scandal in American politics is that Democrats have been conning minorities into the belief that we are perpetual victims all but ensuring our failure. Racial division and class warfare are central to the Democrat Party platform. They need Blacks to hate whites, the rich to hate the poor. Soon enough it will be the tall hating the short,” concluded Owens in her speech at the hearing.

Dave Rubin, a political commentator, was less than impressed regarding Lieu’s “dishonest” version of Owens’s speech and his tweets regarding her.

“Wow, Ted Lieu is still going with this BS. He’s an embarrassment who couldn’t bother to counter anything @RealCandiceO said (didn’t even ask her a question), then got called out and is doubling down as they always do. Did any mainstream media pick this up btw? NY Times, CNN?”

A tweet by the user @freezelin in response to Lieu and Owens noted that the Republican did in fact say that she was against Hitler.

“But you do know what Candace Owens thinks. She told you to your face at the hearing. She said Hitler was a ‘homicidal psychopathic maniac.’ She said she was proud to spend 18 hours flying to be at the opening of the embassy at Jerusalem. Are you saying you don’t believe her?”

Owens also pointed out that Lieu was attempting to “create a narrative” that is “similar to what they do to Donald Trump.”

“When spoken to a white liberal, the sentence “I am not a victim & see myself as your equal” draws confusion & rage. But when spoken to a white conservative, draws love & relief. That’s all you really need to know to determine which side thinks of black people as beneath them,” the political activist said on Twitter.

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