Sweden is heading for a civil war due to massive and uncontrolled immigration, said the former general manager of truck manufacturer Scania in an interview on Oct. 26.

Former Chairman of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Leif Ostling told Swebbtv that unless mass immigration is stopped and the socialist government in Stockholm stops overprotecting the immigrant population, mostly Muslim, an armed civil conflict could erupt within a few years, according to Samhasnytt.

Ostling highlighted the growing influx of new immigrants from patriarchal and theocratic cultures where women often have a lower status than dogs and who show no interest in adopting the values and rules of coexistence of the host society, in this case Swedish society.

“We’ve taken in far too many people from outside. And we did. Those who come from the Middle East and Africa live in a society that we left almost a hundred years ago,” Ostling said.

The entrepreneur believes that the “knowledge transfer” necessary for immigrants to be able to adapt to Swedish society could take a generation.

“If this continues, we may end up in an uncontrolled situation where internal wars will erupt,” Ostling said.

 ‘Vulnerable areas’

There are more and more ‘prohibited areas’ in Swedish cities where rival gangs from various ethnic groups compete for drug control, smuggling, and the sex trade.

There were 129 shootings in Stockholm in 2017 and 19 people were killed in the attacks, almost twice as many as in 2016, according to official figures collected by Reuters.

According to The Times in Malmo, where 45% of the 340,000 inhabitants are immigrants and one-fifth are under the age of 18, children as young as 14 roam the streets with Kalashnikov assault rifles and bulletproof vests.

“I have tried to warn for months about the bombing crisis in Sweden, but the mainstream media has completely ignored this, because it doesn’t fit with their politically correct view of Sweden,” explains journalist Peter Sweden.

Police said much of the riots are related to the three or four immigrant gangs operating in these cities.

Sexual assaults and violent crime are also on the rise throughout Sweden, according to Sweden on his website.

According to Anna Nilsson, forensic investigator at the National Centre for Forensic Medicine in Sweden, there were 200 explosions in Sweden during 2017. This is a 100% increase from 2016, when there were about 100 explosions in total.

Sweden on alert

In May 2018 the Swedish government distributed a pamphlet to 4.8 million households across the country titled “If crisis or war comes.”

This is the first time such a warning has been issued to the population since the second world war.

The 20-page document reports on how to act in the event of a war scenario and curiously the first two things it warns about are false information and terrorist attacks.

Massive immigration at the root of the problem

Five years ago, Sweden saw itself as a “humanitarian superpower” that generously welcomed immigrants, many of whom were fleeing conflict in the Middle East and Africa.

Some 400,000 people have sought asylum in the rich Scandinavian country of 10 million people since 2012, and 163,000 applications were processed in 2015 alone.

However, years later these immigrants have not integrated into Swedish society.

Slums with a majority of immigrants have become areas where even the police do not enter, the so-called “vulnerable areas” where violence has proliferated and where heavy weapons are stored.

“People who live in these areas are very afraid of calling the police or asking for help from ambulances, they are afraid of the consequences for themselves and their families,” Henrik Johansson, former director of the paramedics union, told the BBC.

Swedish law prohibits the dissemination of the nationality and racial origin of criminals, but conclusions can be drawn from an analysis of attacks in recent years.

In fact, dozens of people have been killed in the last two years in attacks in Stockholm and other big cities, by gangs that dominate suburbs inhabited mostly by immigrants.

President Donald Trump already warned of this worrying situation on Twitter in 2017 but was immediately attacked by the media.

However, the truth is that Sweden has experienced a sharp increase in explosions in recent years related to immigrant gangs, Medium reported.

In the first three months of 2019 alone, 50 explosions were recorded, approximately one every two days.

According to the police this is the highest figure in the world for a country that is not at war, at least not yet.

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