An April 2017 video interview of former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, which resurfaced on Tuesday, May 20, may serve as proof that she has been lying about the surveillance and unmasking against Trump administration officials. 

On March 22, 2017, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) revealed at a press conference that President Donald Trump and his associates’ communications were a possible “incidental” collection by the Obama administration.

“I have seen intelligence reports that clearly show that the president-elect and his team were, I guess, at least monitored,” Nunes said. “It looks to me like it was all legally collected, but it was essentially a lot of information on the president-elect and his transition team and what they were doing.”

On the same day, Rice was asked during an interviewed with PBS about Nunes’s allegations that the Obama administration had unmasked Trump team members.

“In the last few hours, we’ve been following a disclosure by the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, that in essence, during the final days of the Obama administration, during the transition after President Trump had been elected, that he and the people around him may have been caught up in surveillance of foreign individuals and their identities may have been disclosed. Do you know anything about this?” PBS anchor Judy Woodruff asked.

“I know nothing about this,” Rice responded. “I was surprised to see reports from Chairman Nunes on that count today.”

Rice went on to say that then-director of the FBI James Comey had debunked President Trump’s claim that he was wiretapped by his predecessor President Barack Obama.

“Nothing of the sort occurred,” she said. “We heard that was confirmed by the director of the FBI, who also pointed it out that no president, no White House can order the surveillance of another American citizen. That can only come from the Justice Department with the approval of a FISA court.”

Rice stressed that Nunes had said that the surveillance was “legal and lawful” and that it was a “potentially incidental collection.”

“That means that the target was either a foreign entity or somebody under criminal investigation and that the Americans who were talking to those targets may have been picked up,” she said.

However, the newly declassified email that Rice sent to herself on President Trump’s Inauguration Day appeared to show that then-incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was personally targeted during a Jan. 5 Oval Office meeting with Obama, and Rice had knowledge of the surveillance that took place that led to the unmasking of Flynn.

At the time, the FBI was investigating Flynn and several other Trump campaign aides as possible Russian agents. However, new released documents showed that the FBI closed its criminal counterintelligence investigation of Flynn due to a lack of evidence on Jan. 4, 2017, only to have it reopened by fired-FBI agent Peter Strok on the same day—just one day before the now-infamous Jan. 5, 2017, Oval Office meeting.

It’s worth noting that a week after the Jan. 5, 2017, meeting, a senior U.S. government official leaked to the Washington Post that Flynn had spoken by phone with Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak about U.S. sanctions against Russia.

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign retweeted Rice’s video, saying, “Stone. Cold. Liar.”

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