Supreme Court on Monday night, Nov. 25,  granted President Donald Trump a victory against House Democrats by holding a lower court decision to access to President Donald Trump’s personal and professional financial records.

The delay allows the justices to decide how to handle the House subpoena and a similar demand from the Manhattan district attorney at the same time. In effect, it means House Democrats cannot examine Trump’s finances before year’s end, and imaginably much longer.

The justices are giving President Trump until Dec. 5 to file a full appeal of a lower court ruling calling for his accountants to turn over the records. House Democrats will submit a response to that petition shortly thereafter. Then Trump will file a final brief about two weeks after Democrats send in their response.

Trump lawyer William Consovoy said in a court filing, “The Court should grant the stay. This is a significant separation-of-powers clash between the President and Congress. The dissenting judges made a compelling case why review is warranted and the decision below is unlikely to survive further review. And the Committee now says it will suffer no irreparable harm so long as the Court hears this case “on an expedited basis this Term, if it does grant certiorari,” id. at 2, while Applicants will obviously suffer irreparable harm if a stay is denied. There is simply no basis to deny interim relief and thus end this case before Applicants have the opportunity to file a certiorari petition. To that end, Applicants are prepared to proceed on any schedule that the Court deems appropriate should the stay pending certiorari be granted.”

On Nov. 18, The U.S. Supreme Court temporarily stopped a ruling requiring President Donald Trump’s accounting firm, Mazars USA, to hand over his tax returns to Congress.

President Trump’s tax returns have been the focus of several lawsuits. A lower court had instructed Mazars USA to hand over President Trump’s financial records.

The House Oversight Committee issued a subpoena in April to Mazars USA LLP, the longtime accounting firm for the president and several of Trump’s businesses. Trump filed suit to block that subpoena, arguing that it lacks a “legitimate legislative purpose.” By Trump’s telling, Congress is acting improperly because it is effectively acting in a law enforcement capacity, which is inappropriate for a law-writing body. Mazars has indicated that they will cooperate with the House’s request, according to Daily Caller.

President Trump’s legal team maintained the president should be granted immunity from any investigation while in office.

“We are hopeful that the Supreme Court will grant review in this significant constitutional case and reverse the dangerous and damaging decision of the appeals court,” said President Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow in a statement.

Includes reporting from The Associated Press