Support for the impeachment of President Donald Trump plummeted from 48% to 43%, according to a poll released today.

President Trump’s approval rating rose to 48% compared to 47% disapproval, as House Democrats move forward with the impeachment inquiry that seeks to remove him from office, according to the results of a new poll by Emerson Consulting.

Regarding impeachment, the biggest swing is among Independents, who oppose impeachment now 49% to 34%.

This is the most significant change since October, when 48% of independent voters supported the impeachment, while only 39% of voters opposed it.

The poll was published the same day the House of Representatives concluded two weeks of public impeachment hearings related to President Trump’s telephone call with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelenskiy in July.

Democrats claimed President Trump pressured Zelenskiy to investigate Ukrainian companies associated with the Democratic Party and the Biden family and that he made international aid conditional on this investigation. However, the White House published the transcripts ,which made it clear that was not the case and none of the witnesses at the hearings have been able to demonstrate “personal gain” behavior on the part of President Trump.

During a visit to an Apple factory in Austin, Texas, President Trump told reporters that the impeachment process against him for allegedly pressuring Ukraine is an “embarrassment” for the country.

It seems that the “scandal” that the Democrats tried to create by initiating the impeachment in the Ukrainian case has turned against them and now they have not only lost credibility but the need to investigate Ukraine’s links with the Democratic Party has become even more urgent.

Survey Data

The survey was conducted from Nov. 17 to Nov. 20, and involved 1,092 registered voters, with a margin of error of approximately 2.9 percent.

The Emerson Poll methodology combines an automated system that collects data over landlines with an online participant panel.

This new survey contrasts with most other national surveys, which have typically shown the president’s approval rating at 40%.

However, other recent polls have shown that support for impeachment is declining among independent and undecided voters.