Speaker Charlie Kirk highlighted how conservative youth are losing the fear of publicly exposing their beliefs at colleges and “are even gravitating toward the successes of the Trump presidency.”

Kirk is the founder of the organization Turning Point USA (TPUSA) from which he seeks to confront the hegemony of the left on university campuses by spreading conservative ideas in this area.

In an interview with Fox News, he referred to the recent talk given by Donald Trump Jr. at the University of Florida. The event was convened by the president of the student center. Now, however, this college student will face a challenge from leftist activists just because he invited the son of U.S. President Donald Trump to the university campus.

Kirk, who attended the event, noted that it was one of the most attended events in the history of the University of Florida. In fact, he was not surprised by the number of people who attended as Donald Trump Jr.’s recent book is No. 1 on The New York Times bestseller list.

“Unfortunately, the left at the University of Florida went on to challenge the president of the student body because he tried to bring conservative beliefs to the campus,” the Kirk lamented.

This is not the first time that left-wing demonstrators have attacked conservative students.

On Wednesday night, Kirk and Lara Trump—the wife of Eric Trump, son of President Donald Trump—gave a talk titled “Cultural Warfare” on a North Carolina university campus. At the meeting, leftist activists tried to rebuke their fellow college students who wanted to participate as attendees.

In fact, the conflicts had begun days earlier when students spray-painted Jack Bishop, son of Rep. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.), who was handing out event flyers on campus.

“One of their members completely ruined a piece of property of mine and another member sprayed me in the eye. Another gentleman actually battered about two or three women who actually had the audacity to stand in the way of them as they tried to tear down our flyers,” Jack described in a conversation with Fox News.

“It was just very concerning for the state of the campus and of free speech,” he added.

Images of the attack were shared on social networks:

During the program “Fox and Friends,” Kirk was asked if he was surprised when the attendees of the event started shouting “U-S-A.”

“Look, we’ve been doing this campus tour all over the country. (…) There’s something special going on on these campuses. Where students come and are no longer afraid to wear their MAGA cap,” he said about the young people wearing the Make America Great Again cap, the campaign slogan that led to Donald Trump’s presidency in 2016.

“They are not afraid to express their support for this president,” he said.

Given the large number of attendees, the movement faces the problem of finding places big enough “to satisfy all the students who want to come to campus and hear about the ideas of freedom and revitalization of our great country,” Kirk said.

“So, look, there’s something special going on. The media doesn’t always report it, but the students are gravitating toward the successes of this presidency,” he concluded.