Multimillionaire international speculator George Soros declared that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is the “most qualified to be president” of the United States, in a New York Times interview, quoted by CNBC on Oct.25.

Soros thus alludes to the Democratic Party candidate who will compete with President Donald Trump for the presidency of the country in 2020, along with former Vice President Joe Biden, who is in first place according to the polls.

The controversial 89-year-old Hungarian financier also supports policies that establish more taxes for American taxpayers.

In this sense he signed, along with other millionaires, a letter of support for Warren’s proposals to increase taxes on wealth.

The candidate also presented other controversial initiatives that she would implement if elected president of the United States, among which is the decriminalization of illegal immigration.

“I’ve been down to the border. I have seen the mothers. I have seen the cages of babies. We must be a country that every day lives our values,” the senator said in a June debate, referring to facilities that, in fact, were created in Obama’s era and of which she has not shown photos.

It is noteworthy that only 27% of U.S. citizens think this decriminalization should be done, while 87% of Republicans, 45% of Democrats, and 68% of Independents think it is a bad idea.

Also, on Oct. 19, she threatened to cut off support for Israel while campaigning for her election in the state of Iowa.

As for Soros, he is accused of interfering in the governments of many countries, including the United States.

Recent revelations in the case with Ukraine showed a link between the person who denounced President Donald Trump for alleged pressure on the Ukrainian government and the controversial tycoon George Soros.

Thus, lawyer Victoria Toensing stated that in the document presented against the president there are notes and references to reports belonging to an organization called OCCRP, Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, which is financed by Soros.

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