Republican Gov. Kristi Noem, during an interview on Sunday, Nov. 8, on ABC, recommended bringing the controversial elections to the Supreme Court. Drawing a parallel with the legal battle in the 2000 presidential election, Noem called for giving President Trump the same opportunity that was given to former Vice President Al Gore.

During an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” Noem responded to unfounded attacks by her interviewer, George Stephanopolous, who suggested that the Trump administration “has not found evidence to announce a situation of electoral fraud.”

Noem quickly discredited the anchor’s insinuations, asserting that what he was saying was “absolutely not true” and added, “What I think is going on here, George, is that this is all premature. This is a premature conversation because we have not finished counting votes.”

Noem continued her defense by pointing to many legal documents and sworn statements from witnesses who witnessed irregular activity during the election have been filed. She stressed the importance of getting those documents to court. “Even The New York Times itself said there were administrative errors.” 

On her official Twitter account, Noem posted an excerpt from the interview and wrote, “So many serious election integrity concerns: Signed affidavits attesting to illegal activity in Pennsylvania and Nevada; Computer glitches flipping Republican votes to Democrats in Michigan; Dead people voting in Pennsylvania; And more. Let the legal process play out.”

The governor was very determined in her statement about the adjudication of the elections and disregarded her interviewer’s comment that there is no evidence to speak of fraud. 

In defense of taking the presidential elections to the court, she named some of the relevant facts that demonstrate indefensible irregularities in favor of the Democrats.

One of the cases named by the governor was that of Antrim County in Michigan, after presenting Democratic candidate Joe Biden as the winner, they had to reverse the result by confirming that the computer software “failed and caused an error in the calculation of the votes.” The Trump administration, as reported by Fox News, is calling for a manual recount in any area where the same software was used.

She also referred to the state of Pennsylvania where, among other reported irregularities, it was confirmed that many dead people were on the lists of people who cast mail-in votes.

Finally, making a parallel with the legal battle that took place after the presidential elections between Democrat Al Gore and Republican George Bush in 2000, Noem said, “We gave Al Gore 37 days to run the process before we decided who was going to be president. Why would we not afford the 70.6 million Americans that voted for President Trump the same consideration?”

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