It seems that Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, an associate of international leftist financier George Soros, is directing the election fraud that is so troubling in the United States right now.

This is the opinion of the Canadian author, Matthew J.L. Ehret, who relates Brown’s increased interference in the electoral processes of various countries since 1994, according to the Strategic Public Foundation on Nov. 17. 

Ehret takes as the axis of the fraud the Canadian company Dominion Voting Systems, which counts the votes in most of the United States and is closely linked to Smartmatic, another major company. 

“For those still out of the loop, Smartmatic furnishes voting machines and its software (backdoor codes and all) to governments all around the world and is highly enmeshed with the Clinton Foundation, Soros’s Open Society and Nancy Pelosi’s very own chief of staff,” Ehret said.

Malloch-Brown, who controls Smartmatic, is also a former vice president of George Soros’s investment funds (2007), as well as the Soros Open Society Institute and the World Economic Forum.

Furthermore, he is a former vice president of the World Bank (1995-1999), United Nations development administrator (1999-2005), United Nations undersecretary-general and United Kingdom minister of state for Africa, Asia, and the United Nations (2007-2009), among other senior positions.

Apparently, as a lifelong friend of Soros, he reached out to “technocrat-friendly puppet leaders,” as Ehret calls them, including former President Barack Obama.

After his first fraudulent manipulation of elections in the Philippines in which he defeated the popular nationalist President Ferdinand Marcos who had steered his country into economic sovereignty in opposition to international financiers since his inauguration in 1965,” Malloch-Brown joined Soros.

When Soros got $1 billion after a skillful financial gamble with the British pound, he financed $50 million in 1994 for “democracy-building” operations in Macedonia and Bosnia under Malloch-Brown.

Thus initiating “a series of projects that radically altered the world during the intense period of transition from a bipolar to a unipolar era,” noted Ehret.

From his various posts Malloch-Brown interfered with the destinies of Bosnia, Libya, Kosovo, and Georgia, causing thousands of deaths in Georgia.  

In 2008, Malloch-Brown was already playing an important role for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

“The principal conduit between Britain and the candidate [Obama] has been Lord Malloch-Brown, the junior foreign minister, whom Obama came to admire when he [Malloch-Brown] was deputy secretary-general of the United Nations,” said Samantha Power, ambassador to the U.N. under Obama, and of British origin.

Ehret also pointed to Soros’s initial assistance to Obama “by providing the first $60,000 for Obama’s Senate candidacy in 2004 and then hosting the first fundraising parties for Obama’s presidential candidacy in 2007.

In 2014 Malloch-Brown started to manage SGO Corporation Ltd., a company in charge of Smartmatic voting technologies, which “managed more than 3.7 billion votes in the last 14 years in electoral projects in the five continents.”

“Since 2010 Smartmatic has been at the heart of election fraud in Mexico, Venezuela, the United , and the Philippines,” Ehret quotes.

Despite all its ability to alter electoral systems, in 2016 it failed with the victory of President Trump and with that of President Duterte in the Philippines, who banished Smartmatic from his country. 

For Ehret, the so-called deep state manipulated the votes of the years 2000 and 2004, and 2008 through computerized counting, while Malloch-Brown still directs Smartmatic.

The profound investigations carried out by President Trump’s lawyers on the traps perpetrated in the counting of the votes, mainly, point to the company Dominion Voting System and announce that all evidence will be brought before the courts. 

President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, accused the Democratic Party of stealing ballots, preventing Republican observers from participating in the count, and changing the results of the computers through algorithms.

“It’s not a singular voter fraud in one state,” Giuliani said, explaining, “This pattern repeats itself in a number of states, almost exactly the same pattern … suggests that there was a plan—from a centralized place to execute these various acts of voter fraud,” Giuliani said at a Nov. 19 press conference. 

Attorney Sidney Powell, of Trump’s legal team, said they have affidavits from a whistleblower that compromise Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems.

This makes room for Ehret’s claims about Malloch-Brown’s murky intentions, and by extension Soros’s claims against American democracy and President Trump’s re-election.

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