A “dark money” group that received millions from speculator George Soros—whose organizations and other establishments have been expelled from several countries on charges of political interference and subversion—is hiding behind a massive media campaign that is trying to pressure Republicans to support the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

The ads were scheduled to air Thursday, Nov. 20, in the Washington D.C. media market and in 13 congressional districts controlled by the Republican Party, according to Politico.

The ads feature military veterans urging members of Congress to “put the country above politics” and support the removal of President Trump. All of the ads state that they have been paid for by the “Defend American Democracy” group.

However, “Defend American Democracy” has declared as a “Protect The Investigation” project, which in turn is part of the Sixteen Thirty Fund project.

This foundation has dozens of projects, and only in 2018 channeled $141 million for liberal causes, according to the political/financial observatory Open Secrets.

It is worth mentioning that Eric Kessler, former adviser to Bill Clinton’s White House, is both the president of the Sixteen Thirty Foundation and the director of the consultancy that manages it, Arabella Advisors.

Structure in layers

 The layered structure of this financial network, with Arabella operating for the foundation, which operates for the Protect Research project, which operates for the Defend Democracy project makes it difficult to identify donors, Daily Caller pointed out, specifying that fewer than five contributors made between 57% and 70% of donations to the group between 2014 and 2016.

In addition, based on the law, the donors of this foundation classified as a “nonprofit” by the social welfare -501 (c) (4)-, can spend unlimited funds to influence the elections and the organization is not required under law to reveal the identity of its donors. These groups are known as “dark money.”

The only way to know if someone has given funds to the foundation is through the annual declarations of the donors themselves. In the case of the Open Society Policy Center—one of Soros’s largest donation vehicles—it stated that it gave $4.5 million between 2012 and 2017 to the group.

To conclude, it should be noted that the best known project of the Sixteen Thirty Foundation – and its biggest failure – is “Demand Justice,” which led the initiative to stop the 2018 confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh through a failed campaign that included false accusations and media manipulation.