During an interview with radio host John Kass, U.S. Attorney General William Barr said that there are people with positions within the government who are actively working against the Trump administration.

“I think that Trump was unusual. He played a responsive tone. He won the election like a duly elected president. He gave a victory speech that was conciliatory. And what happened that same day? They started talking about impeachment, he was not a legitimate president, the Russia thing, all this from day one,” Barr said.

“And there was the so-called resistance, which is not an appropriate term to use in our democracy. It became real resistance. There are certainly many people in the government who are working surreptitiously to thwart the administration,” he added, according to Bizpac Review.

Barr said the tolerance that has been displayed during the civil unrest that has taken place across the United States is a very disconcerting development, indicating that the Democrats’ message is focused on supporting presidential candidate Joe Biden while leaving behind the social issues in their cities.

In the run-up to the next elections scheduled for November, leftist groups are secretly planning a mobilization through which they will carry out a “political apocalypse” in the event that the Democratic candidate Joe Biden is unable to secure the presidency.

A source familiar with the Democracy Defense Nerve Center, as a coalition of more than 50 progressive organizations in the United States is known, spoke about the operations that will be implemented and said they should keep the mess down and shut down society for weeks, according to The Daily Beast.

According to radio presenter Glenn Beck, postal voting widely promoted by the Democrats, which unlike absentee voting does not require voters to submit an application before the election, could lead to a scenario of chaos and revolution.

“No one will believe the [election] outcome because they’re changing the way we’re electing a president this time. And people don’t understand the difference … this is Democratic states just printing ballots and mass mailing them,” The Blaze reported.

“The chaos that’s coming, I think is remarkable. And if the DOJ doesn’t get involved and find out who these groups are and what they have planned, you are going to have intimidation and chaos the week of the voting, and for weeks [afterward] until we go into civil war. This is not hyperbole. This is what the left is now saying,” he added.

According to an opinion column by Shadi Hamid for The Atlantic, “acting outside the political process, even by non-peaceful means, becomes more attractive, not necessarily out of hope but out of desperation.”

As Bizpac Review pointed out, members of the institutional left have tried to portray President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans as those who threaten the electoral integrity of the United States.

For Democrat Hilary Clinton, who lost the 2016 presidential race to Donald Trump, the current candidate Joe Biden should not give in “under any circumstances.”

“Democrat Joe Biden is assembling a team of top lawyers in anticipation of court challenges to the election process that could ultimately determine who wins the race for the White House,” The Baltimore Sun reported on Monday.