The latest data released by the U.S. Census Bureau reports that New York state is suffering a historic exodus, where citizens are leaving more than from any other state. The reasons for this center on the social discontent caused by leftist policies that have led to increased violence in the streets, extreme social control, high taxes, and economic crisis.

The preliminary figures published by the US Census Bureau, make up what was already being announced, thousands and thousands of New Yorkers are leaving the state, in search of a better place, away from the conflict, from the leftist policies imposed by the Democratic rulers in recent years, and especially during the last months of the pandemic and the great protests by leftist groups that took power from the streets, with the help of the politicians. 

The figures indicate that some 126,355 people left the state between July 2019 and July 2020, a total drop of 0.65%. The trend began in 2016 but with a marked exponential curve during the last year.

The exodus was accompanied by a decrease in the birth rate, while mortality remained at average numbers. Therefore, New York also became the state with the largest population decrease in the country, with a drop of 0.63%. 

Population size is directly related to the number of seats in Congress. At the close of each census, the 435 seats in the House are redistributed among the 50 states according to demographic changes. 

If this trend continues, New York state could lose a seat, dropping to 26, according to an analysis by William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution, as reported to The New York Times.

As has been announced, the exodus in New York is no accident. During the last year, besides being the economic capital of the United States, it has also become the capital of national crime. 

Due to the constant disturbances caused after George Floyd’s death and the political decision to defund the police, the crime rate has increased enormously. To give one example, the number of shootings in New York City increased by 72% compared to 2019, with gang clashes, attacks on the police, looting, robberies, and murders.

In addition, the money invested in bail funds throughout the country by left-wing millionaires like George Soros and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, allowed many of those temporarily imprisoned to be released, which in many cases allowed them to attend upcoming protests and to re-offend.

The crisis in New York is not only limited to security problems, but the economic problems seem to be increasing: The city will need up to $4.7 trillion to face the economic losses caused by the closure measures imposed by the Democratic authorities, which also caused the closure of thousands of businesses and therefore increased unemployment and a fall in consumption. 

This same phenomenon is also being experienced in other big urban centers governed by Democrats that are imposing similar policies, as is the case in California, which is also seeing thousands of citizens and entire companies leave with their jobs. 

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