Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s Inaugural Committee released a list of corporate companies that are funding the takeover event scheduled for Jan. 20. Among the companies one could not miss the Silicon Valley giants: Google and Amazon, who served as staunch allies of the Democratic candidate throughout his presidential campaign. 

Biden’s inauguration ceremony is scheduled for Jan. 20, and according to Joe Biden’s Inaugural Committee, part of the costly event is funded by Silicon Valley giants Google and Amazon.

Corporate donations for this type of event are not unusual, but in this case it is controversial especially because of the role these companies have played throughout the presidential campaign. They have silenced conservative voices, promoted lies that benefited Democrats, and spread others to harm President Trump.

Recently, in the Georgia Senate elections, Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock received a strong economic boost from the Silicon Valley during their campaigns, with firms such as Apple, Amazon, and Google topping the lists of sources of donations for their campaigns.

According to data published by the Center for Responsive Politics, there is evidence that Ossoff received more than $950,000 from people associated with Alphabet Inc. the parent company of Google, almost $300,000 from Apple, $275,000 from Microsoft, and $500,000 between Facebook and Amazon.

These controversial firms were presented and sold as platforms for individual free expression, but ultimately functioned as information publishers and storytellers with specific interests of the globalist left. 

In addition, another point that has been criticized in recent weeks is that Big Tech employees have gained senior positions in the Biden-Harris transition team, which highlights the proximity with which Democrats and Big Tech work.

As it turns out, at least nine members or advisers on Biden’s transition team have previously held senior positions on Facebook, Google, or Twitter. And several members of the transition team also worked in the Obama administration before joining one of the tech giants and then re-entered politics as part of Biden’s team. Proving that the relationship is not new.

In 2016, the Obama administration was criticized for its close relationship with Google. 

In fact, in 2016, The Intercept documented 55 cases of Google employees who held government positions under the Obama administration and 197 cases of federal employees who left their positions to start working at Google when their terms ended.

Various Republican officials have expressed concern about this and have even claimed that Big Tech will actually run the government. 

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), told Fox News, “Big tech billionaires in Silicon Valley consistently work to advance the interests of the Democratic Party while silencing those with whom they disagree. And they do so while enjoying a special immunity from liability under Section 230—which effectively operates as massive corporate welfare.”

He added, “The fact that top executives at Big Tech are planning to work for a potential Biden administration is just more evidence that Big Tech works hand in glove with the Democratic Party.”