Georgia Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock have received a strong economic boost from Silicon Valley during their Senate campaigns. Major firms such as Apple and Amazon topped the lists for campaign donations.

According to data published by the Center for Responsive Politics, there is evidence that Ossoff received almost $952,685 from people associated with Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, $295,794 from Apple, $275,864 from Microsoft, $225,313 from Facebook, and $255,115 from Amazon.

These five companies comprise five of the six major sources of donations received by Ossoff.

In parallel, Warnock received $747,340 from Alphabet, $392,942 from the University of California, $233,187 from Apple, $222,348 from Amazon and $174,394 from Facebook.

Such is the alliance between Silicon Valley businesses and Democrats that Washington Examiner writer Tim Carney, who publicly pointed out Silicon Valley’s donations Monday, argued that Ossoff’s victory would give the technology center “its own senator, even if he nominally represents Georgia.”

Big Tech’s affinity with Democratic candidates and their leftist policies is nothing new, but it is increasingly evident and unambiguous. 

During the presidential race, Democratic candidate Joe Biden received thousands of dollars in campaign donations from the top executives of Silicon Valley technology companies.

Amid a scandal over the limitation imposed by large social networks on the circulation of reports detailing the illegal overseas businesses of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, when his father was vice president, an investigation developed by Fox News shows that several of the top executives of Twitter and Facebook have donated to the maximum extent possible to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. 

The research corresponds to a detailed analysis of the Federal Election Commission’s (FEC) records, detailing the large donations.

While it is not illegal to donate money, as expected, the records do not identify a single Facebook or Twitter executive that donated to President Donald Trump’s campaign, proving once again, the political bias in Silicon Valley and the prejudices with which they operate and make decisions that directly or indirectly affect everyone.

The political bias in Big Tech allowed aberrant censorship to the detriment of President Trump and covered up any act of illegality committed by Democratic candidate Biden. 

It is precisely regarding this censorship that the CEOs of Facebook and Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, respectively, testified before the Senate for being accused of deliberately omitting the New York Post’s publications about Hunter Biden’s emails.

During his testimony, Dorsey admitted to having removed nearly 300,000 tweets related to the U.S. elections and the Hunter Biden scandal between Oct. 27 and Nov. 11. The platform also labeled and/or eliminated more than 50 publications by President Donald Trump, arguing “misinformation.”

In the face of systematic censorship, millions of conservative profile users in the United States turn to an emerging social network called Parler.

The CEO of the new virtual platform, John Matze, spoke to Fox News and assured that users are tired of the censorship of their Silicon Valley rivals and “want to free themselves from data manipulators.

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