Attorney Sidney Powell reported that she is working on a major election-fraud lawsuit that she plans to file by Nov. 27, claiming that she will not allow the United States to be “stolen by communists.” The statements come hours after the White House announced that she is not part of the Trump 2020 campaign’s legal team.

“The evidence I’m compiling is overwhelming that this software tool was used to shift millions of votes from President Trump and other Republican candidates to Biden and other Democrat candidates,” Powell said.

Last week, Powell had detailed that another lawsuit, filed in Georgia by attorney Lin Wood‚who works closely with Trump’s legal team—includes a “stunning, detailed affidavit” from a whistleblower who said he witnessed Venezuelan officials working with the electoral software company Smartmatic to rig elections in that country. He said Dominion Voting Systems uses software that incorporates much of the Smartmatic system.

“We will not allow this great Republic to be stolen by communists from without and within or our votes altered or manipulated by foreign actors in Hong Kong, Iran, Venezuela, or Serbia, for example, who have neither regard for human life nor the people who are the engine of this exceptional country,” Powell said in a press release issued by retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a former Trump administration official.

“#WeThePeople elected Donald Trump and other Republican candidates to restore the vision of America as a place of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” the attorney said that the lawsuit she will file this week will be “epic.”

Powell’s statements come after both the White House and Trump’s legal team leader, Rudy Giuliani, reported that the attorney is not part of the Trump campaign.

Flynn said that Powell understands the White House press release and agrees with it.

“She is staying the course to prove the massive deliberate election fraud that robbed #WeThePeople of our votes for President Trump & other Republican candidates,” Flynn said via his Twitter account. Powell represented Flynn in court.

Days before, Powell had said in Newsmax that the team had “tons of evidence.”

“It’s so much, it’s hard to pull it all together,” the lawyer said, explaining that the legal team would file a massive lawsuit of “biblical” proportions.

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